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drschools, May 31,  2016  6:08pm EST

Afib at work

So I've had arrhythmia this whole Memorial Day weekend. It didn't really stop me from doing anything physical, but made me wonder... "am I in afib?".   This afternoon I was just about to finish up at my job and felt my arrhythmia picking up to such a degree I started feeling panicky and a little light headed. Fortunately my doctor is about 2 minutes away and had told me to call him and come over to get an instant EKG if I felt I was going into afib. So, I called, went over, and got the EKG.  Well, guess what... no afib detected... just "PVC" = "premature ventricular contraction".  This really is another step for me in understanding what the heck is going on with me and my heart. I really have not been able to tell the difference between afib and PVC until today.  Today's arrhythmias were PVCs and not afib. I'm glad about that  as I believe PVCs are not as stroke risky (don't know why yet... and I'm not even that sure about that really... that the next question for the doc ... or any of you out there).  I wonder how many of you have arrhythmias that are PVCs and not afib? The more I research this the more complicated it gets of course...There are too numerous types of arrhythmias than I could list. They basically are categorized as to their origination ... atrium or ventricle.  So, I guess the question is how many of us have other  arrhythmias  along side or in addition to afib which sometimes mask the afib or  make us think we are in afib when we are not.

  • Jonnyjohn
    Jonnyjohn, August 20,  2016  1:39am EST
    Please provide more info about the dangers of adding potassium. I am low in potassium and my heart doctor agreed i should take it twice a day, so I know I am okay, but still would like more info on the dangers of taking it
  • Arline
    Arline, June 11,  2016  3:02am EST
    Thanks, Jack, for your reply.  It scared me so that all four times times I went to the ER.  Three times they kept me two nights.  I am now on Lasix 40, Cozaar 12.5 (x2), Lopressor 12.5 (x2), Cardizem 240, and Eliquis 2.5.  And my thyroid medication has been lowered from 1.5 to 1.0.  So far, so good, I hope it lasts.  Thanks again for your reply.  This forum is very helpful!
  • Tea Sipper
    Tea Sipper, June 10,  2016  6:03am EST
    Hi, Arline. Your question puzzles me also. My doctor said that if my afib lasts more than 4 to 6 hours that I should go to the ER. I have persistent afib, however. I think the answer might depend on what type or stage of afib you have. I would ask your doctor this question because you need to know. I had a brief episode of afib last summer that lasted 4 hours. I was on my afib medicines at the time too. I think if you are on a blood thinner then that offers you some protection, but don't wait too long. Jack
  • Arline
    Arline, June 8,  2016  3:30am EST
    Thanks for replying on PVC!  I appreciate it.I notice that some folks on this forum have AFib for hours or even days.  How do you treat it at home?  When do you estimate that it's time to go to the ER?  I have had it four times now in 1-1/2 years, one time the ER treated it and sent me home; the other three times I was admitted to the hospital (once to PCU, once to CCU, and once to ICU).  It's scary to me.
  • Tea Sipper
    Tea Sipper, June 7,  2016  5:38am EST
    Hi, Arline. PVC usually means preventricular contraction of the heart. It's usually an extra beat in your pulse rate. Most are benign, but don't ignore them if it happens frequently like fifteen PVC's per minute. Always report them to your doctor, however. Let him or her decide if you need to be seen. Jack
  • Twogoldnz
    Twogoldnz, June 7,  2016  4:40am EST
    Premature ventricular contraction. It is benign and apparently everyone gets them, but not everyone feels them.
  • mamazipp
    mamazipp, June 6,  2016  11:21pm EST
    A PVC is a premature ventricular contraction.  A " skipped beat".
  • Arline
    Arline, June 6,  2016  2:56am EST
    What is a PVC?
  • bfboca
    bfboca, June 5,  2016  1:23am EST
    Hi Rita.  Yes, everytime I get a few flashes of PVCs , I also think an Afib event is just around the corner.  My apprehension is immediate.  But quite Fortunetly the event doesn't come.  Hopefully my Flecainide is at work and that's why I stay in NSR.  My breakthroughs occur about four times a year.  Once in a while I get a "heads up" that Afib may be coming, but typically they come out of the blue.  Bob
  • Rita
    Rita, June 4,  2016  4:40am EST
    I believe I have had PVC's also but didn't have a name for them. Thank you for posting this. It only lasts for a second or two and disappear but for me are scarey because I think I am going into an afib. Rita
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