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Sirpetmic, March 13,  2018  11:40pm EST

AF and BP

Very glad to see this group on AF that most medics would be pleased to see disappear as a syndrome. I may have missed this but I see little on the linkage in letters to link the direct cause of AF to BP and I'm prepare to bet that at least 50% of contributors have raised Sys BP. 

My experience in the UK, the first action before ablation etc is to get Sys BP below 120 at rest and as low as possible whilst maintaining stability and avoiding nausea etc.

From then on Flecainide, Pradaxa, aspirin, and perhaps ablation but that's serious and seems  to only work say 50% of the time. 

Perhaps I've missed all this in the forum, if so apologies. But the lower the better stands. PCM. 
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  • teanderson
    teanderson, March 14,  2018  12:06am EST
    I'm actually on medication to raise my BP as it is thought that I was going into AF because my BP was dropping too low. It's been a month and no AF. My systolic is usually 113ish now but it would drop way below 100 which seemed to be causing my AF. As others have stated, we all seem to be different. I also enjoy endurance biking and have been encouraged to continue biking by my EP but even at "top speed" my BP is staying below 80-85% of my max HR.
  • littlebit
    littlebit, March 15,  2018  1:22pm EST
    tanderson that is very interesting.  I have low blood pressure as well and it drops even lower in afib.  What medication are you on and what are the side effects?
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