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Spencer, May 10,  2018  1:40pm EST

Update on Spencer

It has been a long weekend and I might get into that later in a different post.  But I had my 30 day follow up after my third ablation.  I had some instances of AFib, PVCs and PACs but nothing major.  Bascially I was in NSR for the past 30 days and the doc was happy with what he was seeing.  So that is really good news for me.  Now, I am still exercise intolerant and am still having syncope episdoes with me passing out for about a min or so.  This was occuring only when standing up quickly, but now it is happening when I am sitting down.  

Also next month is my 50th birthday and do you know what present the Navy is going to give?  That's right a free inplanted cardiac monitor (St Jude Loop Monitor).  Yeah for me.  I wonder if the doc will wrap it up and I can open it up before he opens me up.  Need to get the device cleared by the Counter-Intel guys as it transmits and I work in a secure location.  If they say no, I will loose my job and have to be transferred someplace else.   So double-yeah!  Free cardiac monitor and then getting fired from you job.  I guess you have to take the good with the bad.


Waiting on my Sunrise

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  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, May 10,  2018  2:00pm EST

    Yeh, keep on keeping on “Let The Beat Go On” so they say Spencer. A St Jude Medical Loop Recorder, sure  hope it’s a vintage 2018 model. I’ve got an AICD/pacemaker St Jude Med vintage May 2011(one week shy of its 7year b-Day.) And is on an Early Battery depletion FDA recall notice advisory.  Yep I’m on a recall Medical list. Consequences of Life Choices I guess. The good news if you can call it that is that the SW in my device will send me a vibratory alert when it hits the min threshold of no battery left. 

    I had a test run with it Dec 2017 in a Hospital device Clinic. I got vibrated in my upper left chest/shoulder area. Want a very good vibration effect though. Maybe the St Jude programmers should have The Beach Boys sing “Good Vibrations”  when battery dips to minimum.  

    Seriously an implanted Loop Recorder inside your chest. You will have to update us on your recording experience. Assuming you qualify for the improvement. 


  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 10,  2018  3:06pm EST

    Thanks.  But isn't this thing also powered by a Li-Ion battery that does carry a risk of a run-away charge that would heat the unit up to about 8,000F in a matter of seconds?  I see by your name Depot that you might know a thing or two about thermal runaways.  I guess if that happens the AFib is pretty well cured.

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, May 10,  2018  7:18pm EST

    Absolutely thermal runnaway will fix 

    AFIB no doubt about it.  A Lit-Ion batt powered self contained personal AFIB revolving device.  Seriously I’ve been in Electronic Communications field for what used to be the last 38+ yrs. What would military do without battery power. Or they say an Army runs on its supply chain(food or drink). Oh by the way I had my Sudden Cardiac Arrest about exactly 7 months before I was laid off from a large Military Communications Contractor’s Company. Coincidence or Planned? Yes I’ve had slight fears when going inside certain ‘secure areas’ with my AICD/pacemaker wondering if the Equipment was going to set off Me or if I was going to set off it. Doug

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, May 10,  2018  10:29pm EST


    looks like you have had some decent results. I mean, as long as your doc is happy, what more could you ask for? I remember an orthopedic surgeon who was ecstatic about the results of a surgery he did on me. The guy was talented. Unfortunately, he never once inquired as to how I was doing. The X-rays looked good. His job was complete. But I digress. Glad you got rhythm. Hopefully the rest will sort out.

    i head for my first ablation on Monday at 6:00am with an EP who has been on vacation for a week. Hope his hands are steady...

  • CindyH9423
    CindyH9423, May 11,  2018  12:26am EST

    I have a medtronic loop implant recorder. It uploads every night. If i have an episode i can send a strip. It was NOT pleasant having it put in. Lol.   And Ed your EP was probably at the big Heart Rhythm conference this week in Boston. Ive been following along on twitter. Its been interesting. Good luck!!!

  • katrlna
    katrlna, May 11,  2018  10:10pm EST

    Spencer .... you have been through so much!

    I don't usually comment but I do see your posts.  I am amazed at your coping with all of this.  You have a very dry wit and satirical sense of humor which are likely coping mechanisms.  

    Sounds like you are looking forward to having the St Jude Loop Monitor but more than a little anxious about the thought of losing your job.  Why does life have to be so complicated at times ....Right?  Doesn't it irritate you more that a little that you can't "control"  or manage what is going on with your ticker?  

     I also have A Fib (paroxysmal) and was diagnosed a year ago about this timeframe.  Exercise is a trigger for me to go into wild rapid crazy AFib.  I am not a couch potato so this is really the pits.  There is no way I am anywhere as fit as yourself but...prior to all of this but it did enjoy biking, walking and swimming.  Pretty much I am down to doing a slow stroll....ugh!!!  We live in a hilly area and hills cause shortness of breath and AFib episodes....... it is so very very frustrating and discouraging at times.  I have never had a cardioversion or ablation as medication eventually does correct the issue. I started 7 years ago with cardiac electrical issues. after having an unexplained loss of consciousness and fall while out walking my dogs I had an EP study and it was discovered that I have escape rythms where my heart will race up to 200 bpm and have PACs, PVCs and then suddenly correct itself to NSR.  At times the rate will drop to the 30s.  I was diagnosed with Sick Sinus Syndrome, transient episodes of SVT, PACs, PVCs.  They stopped the EP study immediately and I had a pacemaker emergently placed.  At that time 7 years ago I didn't have AFib.  

    Compared to what you've been through I think I am doing ok.  I think you know you have a lot of people thinking of you and your situation and praying that it is resolved soon.  I hope there is some comfort in knowing that there is a group of people who care and understand to some degree what you are going through and how it is impacting your life.

    BTW........have a great 50th Birthday.  You have done so much in your life.....celebrate that and all you've accomplished.


  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 12,  2018  3:04am EST

    Kate - Thanks for the reply.  Had several emails with the CI bubbas and they are finally pretty good with the cardiac monitor.  I still wonder why there is no list of approved devices like this that are allowed in secure spaces.  One place I worked at a while back had three doors, and it required two different badges and a long PIN to get into.  There was a long hallway with positive air pressure so you heard your ears pop each time you went in and there was a cell phone, and Bluetooth sniffer in the walls and ceiling and the nice men with very large MP-10s, extended clips, and hollow point bullets would ask you nicely to take your phone and put it back in the box outside.  The box outside have probably 200 cell phones in them, never locked and just out in the open.  Never was a phone ever stolen.

    Cindy - My doc was not at the conference and didn't know anything about it... so that is a bit worrisome.  Why aren't you out there learning more about your profession?  He is making out that it is no big deal on the insert.  I would rather have a little bit sedation to have it put in, but he said that would take too much time.  So I guess I get a little shot of lidocaine and then in it goes.

    On the visit with him, I did mention to him that while in the PCU, one of the young intern nurses said she liked to go down to the cath lab when they were "zapping the patients, as I like to see them flop around."  When I heard that in the PCU it upset me but more so in the days following.  I told the doc, and he said he would talk with the dept head about it.  Coming from someone that has flopped around six times and was awake for the last, a just outcome of that is to she how she likes to flop around when she gets hit with 7,000 volts of electricity.

    And saddle up Thor.  Its 3AM and we are gonna go get us some bacon.  Sleep is for the weak.

  • CindyH9423
    CindyH9423, May 14,  2018  12:14am EST

    Spencer, get on twitter and look up Stopafib.org. They among many others tweeted from the convention the study results and lots of interesting and informative stuff. My Ep was there with a presentation. There is also a patient centered conference in Houston in August. Just something to look at. 

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