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Kate, January 30,  2018  3:37am EST

Sleep study reveals lots of Leg movement

good morning all

I was diagnosed with AFib a year ago and part of the assessment process was to have a sleep study. I did so and was found to have mild sleep apnea but most noticeable was greater than normal amount of leg movement while sleeping. 

So my questions for everyone are—

1) have you had this told to you?

2) what did the doctor give you for a reason?

3) were you started on medication or other treatment for this...and has it helped?

thank you in advance for your responses and help!


5 Replies
  • senga1
    senga1, January 31,  2018  11:51am EST
    This might sound silly....but how do they do a sleep study when you don't sleep. I am a raging insomniac lucky to get 2 to 3 hours a night. Can they  base a diagnosis on that, or do they give sleeping pills.
  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 1,  2018  2:06pm EST
    Senga - Well... they bascially make you lie in bed till about 5 AM or so.  For me, I literally walked to the sleep clinic from the ICU.  They paroled me after three days due to passing out and then some sweet AFib and SVT.  I was hopped up on all types of drugs and I thought the sleep study would not yield good results.   but I layed there and tried to sleep... was not easy.  But even if you just lay there it will yield some good results.  So... get the study done as soon as you can.Kate - I was told that I convulse between 20-40/hr per night.  This is sort of like restless leg, but the entire body jerks so its a great deal worse.  The doc said something about nerve pain and it was the body trying to reposition iteself.  Not sure that I understand that exactly.  The sleep doc, who looked like she was still in middle school, perscribed Gabapentin @ 300 mg/day.  I am just starting to take that drug now... causes some weird dreams.  Semi-violent and rather upsetting but not full nightmares.  Now, those dreams when I was taking anti-malaria drugs that's a whole 'nother story (giant spiders every night for about two months)    So, I'm not sure if I answered your question but it is something that may come out of the sleep study... yeah more drugs.  The other six bottles were getting lonely on my bathroom vanity.  I was told you need to take the drugs for like 6 weeks before you can tell how if they are working.  I will be redoing the sleep study soon as I want to do a study in my home as I sleep like @#$@ at home.  Last night was just 4 hours.  SpencerWaiting for my Sunrise
  • BlackKat
    BlackKat, February 2,  2018  4:24am EST
    Spencer, are you using a CPAP machine?  Has that helped your sleeping?
  • Wiggles
    Wiggles, February 2,  2018  6:22am EST
    What is the Gabapentin supposed to do?
  • Spencer
    Spencer, February 2,  2018  1:00pm EST
    Blackket - CPAP... not yet.  Should get it next week.Wiggles - the drug is supposed to relieve pain when I sleep which is why I "jerk" my body dozens of times an hour.  The wife always described it as "flopping like a flounder" and would summarily kick me out to sleep on the coach.  We have given up sleeping together and I have my own room now.  A bit depressing, but she gets better sleep and I stop worrying all night that I am keeping her up.  I want to make sure that my mate sleep well... also she bites.
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