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afibsurvivor, August 27,  2019  2:13am EST

post ablation medication changes

Hi All, going to get my first ablation in 2 weeks. My question is after its completed any chance the doc will modify my medications?

currently on xarelto 20mg once a day and sotalol twice daily.

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  • RuthAnn7004
    RuthAnn7004, August 27,  2019  9:04am EST

    I had my ablation the end of January 2018 and I believe it was around July 2018 that he dropped the Flecainide rate control medicine.  I am a 74 year old woman in good health but he is keeping me on the Eliquis.  I am happy with this as I don’t want to risk a stroke.  I was glad to be off the Flecainide, though.  Best of luck to you with your upcoming ablation.  Ruth Ann

  • BeverlyRae
    BeverlyRae, August 27,  2019  12:22pm EST

    My EP waited 3 months (“blanking period”) to assess, after which I was recently taken off Sotolol, and will reassess again in 3 months or sooner if needed. My situation called for multiple ablations, so no change in meds until the most recent.

  • Izzy1
    Izzy1, August 27,  2019  2:53pm EST

    I saw my EP today 4 weeks post ablation. I asked about stopping my antiarrythmic and he said we would consider it in 3 months. That seems to be about the usual time frame.

  • ShellyH
    ShellyH, August 28,  2019  4:38pm EST

    For my two most recent ablations, I was kept on Eliquis for 3 months and 1 month respectively.  The last one was January 2018.  Now I take only aspirin 81 mg.  I was given the option of discontinuing the flecainide.  I decided to stay on a low dose of 50 mg twice per day.   

  • afibsurvivor
    afibsurvivor, December 22,  2019  4:00pm EST

    Hi all just a quick update, as it turns out the ep doc says my post ablation issues were related to inflammation of my Ventricular Septal Defect. After 3 months out and amiadron 200mg per day feeling better. Thanks for all of you insights and suggestions

  • tolsen53
    tolsen53, December 23,  2019  11:31am EST

    Careful with the amiodarone, ti can cause thyroid problems, so need to have your doc monitor periodically. I was on it years ago for a-fib, and developed serious issues, took over 6 months to get throid issues under control. Just be cautious.  Good luck.

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