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Shannonslattery, January 28,  2018  7:32am EST

New 2017 European Afib Stroke Risk guideline changes, no gender bias

Dr. John Camm from St. George’s Medical Center, London, UK, has new guidelines for Afib that states “gender is no longer an important consideration and that this is a major change in anticoagulant treatment for women. Dr. Camm was one of the principal authors of the original CHA2DS2-VASc guidelines which automatically gave women with Afib one point on the stroke risk scale. 

Please tell me your thoughts, we have a lot to learn about Afib, and there are times that I don’t know what to believe!
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  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, January 29,  2018  5:54am EST
    Shannon,While I can speak to this, can you please provide the link to the specific article you are referencing so I can speak to it directly?It wasn't just last year that it changed - the change was actually first brought out about 3-4 years ago by Prof. Lip, who is responsible for the guidelines change (and who was the creator of the CHA2DS2-VASc score).Mellanie
  • Shannonslattery
    Shannonslattery, January 30,  2018  6:53am EST
    The Webb site:,Sorry, I do not know how to send a link from my  iPad, see address above.thank you for your helpshannon
  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, February 4,  2018  4:49pm EST
    Shannon,I'm sorry, I just have not been able to force myself to read the article you posted due to the long-time biases of the author. (I read the first paragraph, and it is totally inaccurate, so I couldn't force myself to read further as I do not consider it valid. I was personally involved in the 2014 ACC/AHA/HRS guidelines, and he is wrong.)Why he said this was new in 2017 is beyond me as three or four years ago, Prof. Lip (creator of the CHA2DS2-VASc score) and Prof. Camm (chair of the European guidelines) revised the thinking on the CHA2DS2-VASc score. With their revision, a woman under 65 with no other risk factors is not considered at higher risk of stroke. (I guess the author missed that years ago.)However, a woman with one risk factor is considered at risk. I don't know what the article says, and will not read it, because the author refuses to believe that there is any difference in stroke risk between men and women. There is a pronounced difference for women over 65 (we no longer have the protective effect of estrogen). The author has failed to consider that women's hormones, especially estrogen, have a protective effect and after menopause, that protection is gone.I work closely with Prof. Lip and Prof. Camm on a number of projects, and know that this new thinking about women under 65 has been in effect for a number of years, so there was nothing really new about it in 2017. There is no bias against women - that is completely ridiculous and inane! I suggest you just ignore the article. I do not intend to comment further on it. Mellanie
  • Shannonslattery
    Shannonslattery, February 5,  2018  5:05am EST
    Thank you for Melanie for your reply, it is appreciated.
  • Jinny
    Jinny, February 6,  2018  10:15am EST
    Can you say what other long-time biases the author has? I ask because he has been recommended on this website as a sort of authority on Afib. I just wonder....
  • Mellanie at
    Mellanie at, February 7,  2018  2:40pm EST
    Jinny,I prefer not to discuss this subject any further.Mellanie
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