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Rbrandt, February 5,  2018  3:38am EST

Just joined the blood thinners and major bleed group!

Well the posts title kinda says it all. Jan 29th I saw my urologist and everything was looking good from my surgery. In fact he said see you in a year! So I restarted my eliqus for he next Day January 30th. On February 2nd we drove from Tulsa to Oklahoma City to celebrate my brother in laws birthday day. It’s 110 miles no biggie and we stop half way I used the restroom everything was fine.  Got to our destination walked 3 flights up to his apartment (gated complex but no elevator) went to the bathroom and nothing but blood). Ended up in Er there till midnight I developed an extended bladder new appreciation for pain. 

We returned to Tulsa that night, I with a new catheter by Saturday afternoon I stated bleeding around my catheter. By Sunday noon my catheter was blocked by blood clots we tried flushing it out but to no avail so off to the Er here in Tulsa. I’m still in the Er as I write this waiting for a room. So needless to say I’m off the eliqus again and hoping the bleeding calms down shortly. At least I got to watch the super bowl. 

So if I’m a little spotty in responding here bear with me. Good news somehow I’ve managed to stay in Rhythm thru out all of this. Pain meds last night no doubt helped! Best to all of you. 

May we all have NSR 

8 Replies
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, February 5,  2018  7:11am EST
    Roy....so sorry to hear about your bleeding episode.  I am glad you were able to get back home and in a familiar setting before the second onset.  I had a major bleed while taking Pradaxa (have since switched to Eliquis) several years ago due to diverticulitis.  I had to go off the blood thinner at a critical time because it was immediatelhy after I had an ablation....big stroke risk. I was in ICU for 3 days.  However, the Pradaxa was soon out of my body and I did not require any blood transfusions. I was soon back on a blood thinner (Eliquis) though.  I can really empathize with your problem and hope everything is 'under control" for you now.  I will be thinking of you and hoping all is going well.  I think it is really good that you did not go into a-fib during all this...that is encouraging!  We'll be glad to have you back joining in this forum when you are feeling better.Wishing you the best..Jean (My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, February 6,  2018  7:19am EST
    Roy,I had been concerned since we had not heard from you lately. I am so sorry about what you are going through. That sounds horrible! Good luck, and I hope they get it under control soon.Mellanie
  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, February 6,  2018  4:08pm EST
    Mellianie/ all,  i am back home now and the bleeding is stopped and due to having my bladder continuously irrigated for 12 hours i was able to avoid surgery this morning.  So far so good. The urologist said that what may have happened and she said they see it often, is that what must likely occurred  is that there were clots in my bladder from the original surgery and the brief bleed I had a couple weeks later this time I was took my Eliquis long enough for it to start the clots dissolving leading to a blockage which then cause more problems and so on and so on.  In the end I was miserable and and am feeling so much better tonight here at home.  The last three hours of irrigation was all clear and still is now here at home.  Going to go to bed soon havent slept much the last two nights in hospital - we all know how that goes.  I want back on my Eliquis but it will another 2-3 weeks.  So far still in Rhythm so thats good. Best to all of you.  May we all have NSR Roy.
  • lmaj
    lmaj, February 7,  2018  10:48am EST
    Hello Roy . . .always sorry to hear when there are other health issues IN ADDITION to the afib issues . . . argh . . . . I think it is just a side effect of getting older, yes?  In any case, I hope you continue to improve and won't have ny more issues.  Glad you are still in NSR---funny how we ALL just go to that place where we worry that in addition to another health issue we face, afib ALWAYS plays out in the background regardless of how long we have been able to maintain NSR.wishing you all the best, linda
  • Mellanie at StopAfib.org
    Mellanie at StopAfib.org, February 7,  2018  2:41pm EST
    Roy,Good to hear that you are doing so much better.Mellanie
  • Girtygirl
    Girtygirl, February 9,  2018  11:08am EST
    Roy-What an experience!  I’m so glad to see you are healing and in NSR!  Girtygirl
  • tjmafib
    tjmafib, February 12,  2018  3:39am EST
    Roy, good luck on getting way past the prostate difficulties.  I, myself, am in need of surgery for a 200+ gram prostate but the surgeon wants me off Eliquis for 2-3 weeks out of fear of bleeding and the cardiologist says I can't be off of it for more than a few days.  So I sit here with a suprapubic catheter wondering how this is going to be resolved.  Did you encounter any of this debate before moving ahead with the surgery?  I'd really appreciate knowing of your decision-making experience.  Thanks!Tom
  • Jwhibba
    Jwhibba, February 13,  2018  1:33am EST
    Tom,I had a bleeding problem after a prostate procedure while on Eliquis. EP doc said the same thing at first--only stay off it for 2 days. After two episodes of blockage, I had a serious talk with him, and since I had no AF episodes for several months, he agreed to let me eliminate the drug for a couple of weeks. That did the trick. I was to start again immediately if. I had an episode, but I was lucky. Believe me, the bleeding and subsequent blockage was miserable.Joe
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