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Edhammer, May 14,  2018  7:30pm EST

First Ablation

just waking up from my first ablation for fluttter and afib. A little stupid. A little groggy. EP said he was happy with the procedure. No promises. I was on the table for about 4 hours. Even with the general anesthesia, he stimulated the afib. No discomfort. We will see how it goes over the next few months.

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  • Patio7
    Patio7, May 14,  2018  8:56pm EST

    I am interested in your ablation. I too have both aflutter and afib, and actually atypical aflutter as well ( don’t know if that makes any difference). Did the surgeon abalte both at the same time? I am being told my doc might do the aflutter and hope it stops the afib. I am going to Boston and may have a second oppinion there. Am on Tikosyn but have had a tough eight months or so getting stable, and worry how long the Tikosyn will work. Where are you located if you don’t mind sharing? I have asked before about where are the best centers but don’t hear a lot of clear answers. Hope you are doing well, and keep us posted. This site has been frustrating because of the changes, but there is a lot of good information here, and some really good souls. 

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, May 14,  2018  11:04pm EST


    since I was still pretty zonked when I spoke with my EP, I believe I understood him to say he did both. One was RF. One was cyro. I’m from Northern Wisconsin. The facility did the first ablation in the state in the 1990’s. I just happen to know the patient. She had one ablation and no recurrence ever.. we will hope for similar results. My EP made no promises, said no ablation is routine, but said he was happy how everything looked.

  • Patio7
    Patio7, May 15,  2018  4:24pm EST

    Thanks for the response. I’d have responded sooner but this now hokey site had me running in circles most of today. I don’t t visit often anymore as stress doesn’t help my afib, but you sound like you are so well.I will keep you in my thoughts. Your EP sounds solid and no nonsense, and they obviously have experience. I read through the dialogue Mellanie makes available of the Q and A from the doctors at Cleveland Clinic, last one in March. Very helpful. From that advice with no hype, it is clear an ablation is not a sure thing, but the odds are good, especially if the meds are not providing stability or quality of life.

    The very best of luck.🤞🙏




  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, May 16,  2018  9:38pm EST

    Second day post ablation. Soreness in chest gone. Had a little 15 minute episode at noon today. Went up to 139 beats per minute, but for such a short duration. I’ve been averaging 8 hrs or more.  EP said it might happen over the next few months. Still pretty tired. Black and blue at insertion point. Still positive!

  • afibsurvivor
    afibsurvivor, August 27,  2019  2:36am EST

    Hi Edhammer, Im getting my first ablation in two weeks, at first I was scared of it, but now just want to get it over with.

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