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mels, January 29,  2018  6:13am EST

Causes of afib after artificial sugars ending with...ose...maltose etc

I too developed afib after meals that, hours later, gave me excessive gas that pressed on nerves near the heart.  I started reading about the causes of gas which got me to sites that discuss our inability to process certain sugars. Google FODMAP and you find sites discussing this, one at Stanford Medical Center and another in Melbourne Australia. I have since tried to reduce or eliminate foods that cause certain vulnerable people gas. I have cut out all the offending sugars and some of the foods you will find on the FODMAP list on these sites. 

Also took daily magnesium of 325 mg. Also learned simple 4/7/8 breathing from Dr. Weil at the U of Arizona Medical Center. His example is on YouTube. I have done this whenever I feel my heart begin to flutter and it has amazed me that it seems to make the flutter retreat. 

So those three things, following FODMAP guidelines, especially for the ...ose sugars, adding daily magnesium and learning a very simple breathing exercise to reduce incoming stress have greatly reduced my afib episodes. I went from 9 episodes in June to 1 in Dec and now 1 in January. I have no other symptoms during these episodes.

Hoping for no episode in February.

I also am eating lots of things that are known to be blood thinners....oily fish...salmon and oil supplements, ginger, garlic, tumeric, plus aspirin, etc.

I am on no meds for the last four months. Toprol was taking my pulse down into the 50's. Normal is 65. My blood pressure this morning was 128 over 68. 

Also gave up any alcohol and caffeine. I am 81 and 3/4s years old and hope to keep going on this regime. 

I understand that there are several, if not many, causes of irregular heart beats and we all have the task of figuring out our triiggers. Maybe we are like snowflakes in this regard. I will say that my experience undercuts the notion that occasional afib must always get worse.  If one is lucky enough to find and eliminate the trigggers, then the picture can be more positive. I think it helps that the imaging ordered by a Stanford doctor showed I have nothing structurally wrong with my heart other than it has grown old along with the rest of me!

So Google FODMAP if your episodes seem to be triggered by meals. Remember the doucmented effect of magnesiium on heart rhythm...(On my first visit to the ER for my first episode I was given a magnesium drip as treatment.)  Last, learning the simple stress breathing exercise from Dr. Weil can't hurt and helps one relax. Who does not have daily incoming stress events? 

With good wishes to all gathered here, especially to the group leaders, 


4 Replies
  • Jeanamo
    Jeanamo, January 29,  2018  10:00am EST
    Hello, Mel...and thanks for posting in this forum!  It sounds like you have found a routine that is working for you and I hope it continues to keep you active and in good health.  I think you will find a lot of helpful information and support in this community as we share of experiences....just as you have done.  We will look forward to future posts from you as you let us know how you are doing. We are glad to have you as a member of this group and want you to know that you are "not alone"!Wishing you the best,Jean(My A-Fib Experience Community Leader)
  • zark
    zark, January 30,  2018  3:10am EST
    Thank you for sharing that, Mel.  VERY helpful as I sort through all the different options for treatment.
  • cello
    cello, January 30,  2018  5:53am EST
    I too tried the low FODMAP diet for Afib that seemed to be triggered by meals - but have had much better luck with Dr. Gundry's low-lectin diet (The Plant Paradox).  No grains or sugar, low on fruits, but I like it because many of the forbidden foods on FODMAP are good on this one (onions, garlic, most vegetables, etc.).  My digestion is now perfect and I can eat the same things that on FODMAP used to cause gas.  It heals your gut!
  • Heartfelt
    Heartfelt, January 30,  2018  9:07am EST
    I noticed that Monash University has a app for the FODMAP diet that you mentioned and you  can download it...They have a interesting site on line to keep one up to date on this diet.Standford has it's lists of foods to avoid etc. on line too.....
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