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Bellagrace, February 6,  2018  4:40am EST

Are ED drugs triggers for afib?

 I am a 67 year old male soon to be 68. I have only had two afib/atrial flutter episodes over a 1.5 year period. I had an atrial flutter ablation 6 months ago and I have been in NSR ever since although I do take a 12.5 mg toprol daily along with a baby aspirin. My potency has been somewhat diminished for many years due I'm sure to my age and lower testosterone levels as well as the effects of bladder cancer immunotherapy treatments I've had the past 7 years. I also,take a fair amount of other drugs for anxiety and depression. I've read that ED drugs like Cialis can trigger afib. If anyone has any feedback or experience in this area, I would welcome your input. Thanks Ken
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  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, February 6,  2018  4:58pm EST
    Hi Ken and welcome. I took Cialis for many year primarily for BPH and it never triggered my Afib at least in the 2 years I took it after my last conversion and i have stayed in sinus rhythm. You will find however that triggers as well as Afib treatment is both highly individualistic and what works or triggers one may or may not another.  It's really kinda of trial and error in some respects.  I would make sure I work with a EP (electrophysiologist-a cardiologist that specializes in afib and the electrical components of the heart).  I am a big believer in blood thinners rather than aspirin if the aspirin is for stroke prevention because its not as effective again a good EP is critical in insuring proper treatment.  I very well know the risks of the blood thinners I have just had a personal experience with bad bleeding but the blood can be replaced the Brian cant and I am personnaly off my eliquis for 2-3 weeks now and not happy about it but I will be back on it as soon as I possibly can.  Take care and good luck May we all have NSR Roy
  • ShellyH
    ShellyH, February 7,  2018  10:14am EST
    Ken,I'm the same age as your and have needed a little help (better living through chemistry) since having my prostate removed ten years ago.  I have never had an issue with Viagra as far as triggering A fib.  But one time I tried a sample of Cialis and had an episode.  Now that's a sample size of only one; probably random.
  • Bellagrace
    Bellagrace, February 7,  2018  12:27pm EST
    Thanks Roy for your response. Triggers do seem to vary with each individual. I'm very leery about not being on a blood thinner and only take a baby aspirin. My local EP thinks I'm low risk since I've "only" had two afl/afib episodes the past1.5 years. I always tend to err on the side of caution so I may consult another EP or two to get their recommendation. Blessings and Permanent NSR for all of us.Ken
  • Bellagrace
    Bellagrace, February 8,  2018  3:52am EST
    Thanks Shelley. That's reassuring. I'll probably try it and see what happens. At my age, my "plumbing" isn't as reliable or robust as in my "young buck" days.
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