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Fish, November 9,  2020  8:13am EST

Watchman Procedure?

Good Morning

I saw an ad recently which normally we cannot see in Canada on TV, promoting Watchman for AFib issues,

I recall reading something about it in the past on this digest but did not know what it is

I would apopreciate it if someone could let me know what it is


Fish from Canada


2 Replies
  • CC354
    CC354, November 9,  2020  11:12am EST

    The Watchman device is a small umbrella-like device which is inserted in the the heart's left atria, at the entrance to the left atria appendage(LAA). The LAA is the section were blood clots form when a person has aFib. By blocking off the LAA blood clots are prevented from forming. The heart's left atria is a small sac in the muscle wall of the atria. Everyone has one, but the shapes vary.  

    I had this procedure during June 2020,and am no longer on blood thinners, with exception of 1 low dose aspirin per day. My health insurance did cover the procedure because I had suffered two GI bleeds during an 8 month period. So it became more dangerous for me to stay on blood thinners as I might have had more bleeds. I believe that insurance will not always cover the procedure unless it is determined to be medically necessary or a person is of advanced age(over age 75).


  • Fish
    Fish, November 9,  2020  5:33pm EST

    Thanks CC354

    Fish from Canada

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