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JudyKol, September 26,  2020  5:26am EST


I have never taken a flu or pneumonia  vaccine and am wondering now that I have been recently diagnosed with AFib if vaccines would be a good idea. And if so, which one or both?

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, September 26,  2020  7:20am EST

    Judy,  both vacinnes. 
    1. we need, i need to protect my immune system more than ever with advanced prostste cancer S4 metastatic.

    2. With all the Covid -19 virus impact i feel that vacinnes flu and pneumonia are protection methods.

    3. Why not try to keep our hearts and the rest of our body protected? The side effects if any are not as important as shielding our human aging bodies.

    4. It does not hurt.   I made a couple of typo corrections.  Doug EEC Doug should not type while exercising fervently outside today. MOVING dirt and grass seeding and more dirt.


  • cgmccabe
    cgmccabe, September 26,  2020  8:15am EST

    You definitely should have one. I always do. Which one depends on your age. 

  • patrickg
    patrickg, September 26,  2020  8:35am EST

    I am 71 and had my first flu vaccine a couple years ago and had a horrible allergic reaction, so it was my last. However, on a recent followup visit with my ***, she talked me into getting the 2nd pneumonia vaccine for added protection against Covid19, for which I am considered high risk. Especially if you are also high risk, you may want to consider getting the vaccine.

  • JudyKol
    JudyKol, September 26,  2020  8:40am EST

    I suppose having AFib and being 65 makes me at high risk? I am just fearful having a vaccine will send me into AFib.....

  • cgmccabe
    cgmccabe, September 26,  2020  8:48am EST

    I can only say that I am also 65 and have had all the vaccines including the flu and pneumonia and have been fine. You should ask your own physician if there any concerns specific to you. It has not triggered any AFib episodes. 

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, September 26,  2020  9:05am EST

    Everybody,   I was just thinking, what answer would Dr Natale give for flu or pneumonia vaccine injections?

    With justification for purpose maybe. 
    Just a thought. Ive got a lot of thoughts after my "Troponin" hospitalization a couple of werks ago. Sept 14-15.

    Ask me.


  • milano
    milano, September 26,  2020  11:29am EST

    Do you think getting the flu or getting phenumonia would be a good idea.  I always get my flu shot.  If they had a shot for afib,  I would get that also.  Check with your doc.

  • JudyKol
    JudyKol, September 26,  2020  12:46pm EST

    Of course I asked my EP and he said, "it's up to you". So thought I'd see what others have done and see if side effects include AFib episodes. Am very careful what I put into my body these days. Thanks for your responses. 

  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, September 26,  2020  2:21pm EST

    I am highly allergic to alot  of medications.And with heart complication like Atrial Fibrillation, this year more than  any year I would encourage you to get a flu shot...It is worth the chance to get the protection  that is gives us...They are going to have to deceide whether or not it is the flu or Covid that people are getting this fall.. One shot will help exclude that is the flu and give you protection  and speed up the diagnosis of the other! Plus if one has had the flu their body has fought off the flu and open the door to less of a fight if Covid came to its door. ...Please for your own well being GET A FLU SHOT THIS YEAR!

  • Myrna
    Myrna, September 26,  2020  4:48pm EST

    I got both vaccines, I had no problems, not sure if I got the pneumonia one before the afib or not tho'. It is a lifesaver, a few years ago, I have asthma and got a bad throat bug that was going around. and also there was bad smoke from forest fires for 3 weeks, it just hung on and got worse and worse, went into bronchitis, lasted 6 months. However, luckily it didn't go into the lungs and become pneumonia and I think it was because of the pneumonia vaccine.  I'd recommend both if there are no contraindications for you.

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