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janinspirit, September 6,  2020  6:13pm EST



I am looking for help managing cognative issues due to a stroke I had 3 years ago. I have been experiencing confusion and I have issues with communication. If I feel stressed out,this makes it worse. This has been pointed out to me at work, however my boss is very supportive, I could use some suggestions on how to manage this. 

Thank you


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  • axnr911
    axnr911, September 7,  2020  1:37pm EST

    Hi Janice- I'm no expert in this area, but my psychologist clued me on to an app for my phone that has little games made for training your brain for cognitive issues.  I've been doing the games every day for the last 2 years since my stroke.  It keeps score, and I have seen improvement. It is called Lumosity.  Also, it is free if you just sign up for the "free samples".  I just downloaded the app to my iphone from the Apple Store.  It will ask you what areas  you want to work on.  Choose them all, because you can't go back and add more later.  The games are fun.  If you want to have all their games it costs about $20 a month.  I never did that as they vary the 6-8 free games every day.  It only takes about 15 minutes to do the 3 games they give you each day.  They are fun and I feel good about training my brain in the process.  Hope this idea helps you.  Love, Jeanne

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