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kmremmie, June 6,  2018  9:51am EST

Slow heart rate in afib event


I was  diagnosed with aflutter, afib in 2011. I am a 68 year old female in relatively good health. I have about 1 event a month and can feel when I go into and out of afib which is either when I’m resting or sleeping. Recently my heart rate during events has been much lower, only in the 60s - 70s.  Does anyone else experience afib with a low heart rate?

Thank you.




7 Replies
    HJKMS, June 6,  2018  12:01pm EST

    Unfortunately, no.  My heart rate is usually between 100-110.


  • Cantrell
    Cantrell, June 6,  2018  12:50pm EST

    I was in an afib episode two weeks ago with HR in the 60s, 70s and 80s.  My best to you.

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, June 6,  2018  1:54pm EST

    I am on diltiazem for rate control - my HR when I first wake up in the morning might be 60, but if I am having an episode, it might be like 70-80 but irregular. Not as low as yours, but clearly not the very high rate I had when I first started treatment. I hope this helps.

  • barbara1642
    barbara1642, June 7,  2018  6:36am EST

    My HR has gone between 51 & 64 since I started doing Chronic Care IQ, sending my info to my cardio's office 3X/week.  Once it was 71.  

    No wonder I'm always tired.

    ~barbara 🖖

  • Ninawolf
    Ninawolf, June 12,  2018  2:49pm EST

    My heart rate is often 53 bpm. When I am feeling bad I will check my Fitbit and have seen it in the 40’s. My blood pressure is generally low as well @ 97/60 or 104/64. When I saw all the members with high HR and bp’s I thought I was alone. I am taking 1/2 metoprol and flecainide. I really don’t know what my HR was before the meds but the bp has always been good. 

  • kmremmie
    kmremmie, June 12,  2018  7:53pm EST

    My heart rate is usually about 58, but does go down to 48 sometimes too, so know you are not alone.

  • mdlagas
    mdlagas, June 13,  2018  8:22am EST

    My vivosmart shows my average resting heart rate and it has been in the 53-57 range since I started taking Flecainide and Diltiazem.  Occasionally I will feel a little discomfort in my chest and will check it and see that it has dropped into the 40's.  I get up walk around a little to get it back into the 60's and everything is fine.  I asked my EP about that and he said that was to be expected and is nothing to be concerned about.  The vivosmart will upload to my phone or PC and I can go in and check the graphs of my heart rate for the day.  Usually at night it will fall to a consistent rate all night between 48-53 with occasional spikes to low 60's as I go in and out of REM sleep.  I only check my BP about once a week or if I feel a little uncomfortable and it usually falls between 90-105 over 50-65.

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