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JudyKol, March 26,  2020  7:24am EST

Seeking Advice

I am in Montreal and we have 600 plus cases. I have my cardiac MRI scheduled at the hospital on Monday at 7:00 am. I called to get information from the department to see what protocal the tecs were taking who perform the procdeure and was unable to get info. All the receptionist said was that 50% of appointments were cancelled and only emergency appointments are ongoing. No clue why I am in that category, or if she did!

I am feeling very stressed about going into the hospital given 42% of the cases are in that area. She said I could cancel and I would be called back in Apirl for a new appt. Not sure if that is true either.

I feel like the stress of going is hard to manage. The only reason I think I should go is if in case I land up in hospital they will have a better idea of what shape my heart is in. I was scheduled for one as to be on a list for an ablation you need an MRI here. 

Have only had a few AFib episodes since January, that lasted about 20 minutes. I do have an odd sensation when changing postions. Not AFib, but fluttering. Anyone else get that when changing positions? From sitting to standing., lying down to sitting?

Thanks. And stay safe.

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  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 26,  2020  7:47am EST

    The protocols on your hospital are probably like mine for my electroconvulsive shock therapy, you have to enter via the front door with scanning of your vitals and questions about your health.  They may restrict family members from coming with you and you might have to wear a mask.  In the cases... remember that Montreal is a pretty big city.  The covid cases are similar in density to that of New York City - about 1 in 1,000 have come into contact with the virus.  Meeting that 1 in 1,000 people and then being close enough for transmission is rather low so I think your anxiety is unfounded.  Also, remember that 98.7% of the people that catch it survive.  

    You are probably in more danger driving to the hospital than in danger from this virus.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, March 26,  2020  9:29am EST

    Good morning, I can share the resources we have regarding COVID19.  and the CDC primary page for COVID19  for general information.

    I also had to make a similar decision regarding a doctor's appointment for my mother last week. I talked directly to her medical team and the decision was made that the need for the consult outweighed the risk of exposure to COVID19. I will say, it took a few tries to get past the appointment schedulers and talk directly to her medical team. 

    My suggestion for your specific situation is to call your doctor's office and speak to either the PA, Nurse Practioner or Doctor if he/she is available to see if they feel the cardiac MRI is a necessary procedure or can be put off until this crisis is over. They are ones who are best qualified to advise you on what should be done and when. 

    Please know that we are here for you at all times. 

    Best Katie 

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