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Spencer, June 9,  2018  11:17am EST

Sat Contest... Funniest Event & Admonition

OK, Spencer here.  I wanted to put out a contest for two things - the craziest thing a nurse as told you, and what you did that got the nurse to yell at you.

Now, this is not to denigrate nurses; they cure you and doctors are there just to diagnosis or do the procedure.  We also have far more contact with the nurse than the doc.  For me, I tend to him the most when I asleep.  Guess it is kind of rude for me to just lay there and not uphold my part of the conversation.

Reply with the following format so we can follow this thread.  If you have not posted before or in a long way, please do.  Please make our community more diverse and robust.  We are better together.


Funniest: I was in seeing the cardiac nurse who was reviewing my now extensive health record.  Her comment was "you are one screwed cookie."

Admonished: On my third ablation, the nurse was yanking on the catheter that was still stuffed up my femoral artery.  I seem to remember she was using her foot for leverage on my bed and determined to get her catheter back.  Well, the catheter comes out and I start spraying was can only be described as a red geyser.  She jumps on my groin to apply pressure on the bandage.  She yelled at me to get my blood on her.  Also, I told to stop crushing my little guys down there.

OK -  AFibb'ers tell us your experience - funniest and then when you got yelled at.

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  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, June 10,  2018  9:36am EST

    Let’s see if this reply applies. 

    Format::: CRYRO-Ablation April 2014, paranoid scares from succor failure. So 4 hour successful PVI ablation then off to recovery and upstairs to the dedicated Cardiac Telemery unit section overnight. Waiting waiting waiting flat on my sore back for healing sealing stoppage of my catheter input sites three of them you know where. Groin left and right. So my nursing watching checking staff were marvelous checking me for bleeding you know where and seeing if I was drinking plenty of fluids. 

    Tge excitement begins when I have to pee, yes do my duty and empty my full bladder.  But in my case I’ve had to Self-Catheterize since Prostate cancer radiation treatments Late 2005. Yes unfortunately thats my life 5-6 times daily self catch to go pee. That’s my life. 

    1. My evening RN arrives and it’s potty time and I ask if I can seat stand up to do my thing. Just needed a little help to stand get me up and close to bathroom.  Then I embark on self- cathetering as usual for the last 13 yrs.  Catheter and Sufi-lube in hand then the RN I believe she was a LPN or CNA FREAKED OUT!  She said you can’t do that without gloves and being surgically clean and prepared!!! You just can’t do that to yourself! I said I have got to it’s time She actually left the room in Shock I think. Then returned with an assistant to verify that I was OK. Both of the nurses were laughing when I was done and I was smiling, Oh what a relief it was! Guess the cardiac nurses were not trained so well in patient ettiquite in rooms that had to self- cath. The non-sterile DOUG way was my way and not going to change me. The nurses were laughing and joking I believe because I could do it so effortlessly. I did not even give a heck about surgical sterile self cath procedures. Obviously the RNs were trained differently. If your nurse or hospital staff do agree with your lifestyle I say just go for it. And get it done.Eveyone was happy ever after the nurse and staff logged another first in their patient care handbook diary for DOUG. Never take for granted when a RN or Hospital staff person says,  YOU CAN NOT DO THAT! ITS NOT PROPER STERILE PROTOCOL. 

    Life goes on and I’m stiff AFIB FREE as I write this post for Spencer, truthfully my life’s moment. One of many

    And hats off to my EP cardiologists skills and etiquette Yes He even agreed I didn’t need to be Foley Catherized before Ablation of 4hr procedure. A dry sense of humour for a specialized specialist heart doctor. . Doug

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, June 10,  2018  9:49pm EST

    OK, I'll play, especially since the subject of one of my contributions has already been broached. 

    Almost every medical person I encountered during my medical adventures for the last several years, has been both competent and caring; I've been fortunate in being in very good hands.  

    Admonished: In pre-op clinic before my hemorrhoidectomy, which I had to go through so I could stay on Xarelto more than a couple of days at a time, the nurse asked if I had had a surgery before. I proudly told her I underwent two eye surgeries for a "macular hole" a few years before, which I thought was a big deal; after all, they stick things into your eyeball! But she gently told me that was nothing - and she was sorry, but a hemorrhoidectomy was an unfortunate choice for one's first "real surgery". Yep, true! - and her advice was a big help. 

    Then there was the Craziest: In recovery room, after that hemorrhoidectomy, I woke up and after awhile told the nurse watching over me that I had to go pee.

    "No you don't!" 

    "Yes, I do!"

    "They catheterized you during surgery, so there is no way you would need to go now!"

    After a bit longer, "I really, really have to go".

    She shook her head and brought me on of the clever little plastic jugs.  Sure enough, about half a jug.

    She didn't say a word, but sort of disappeared somewhere else for a while. I got a good laugh about it later!


  • Spencer
    Spencer, June 10,  2018  10:36pm EST

    Doug & Dinka - Thanks for the stories and the laughs.  Hopefully, we will hear more.


  • bshersey
    bshersey, June 11,  2018  10:49am EST

    When I came out of my ablation on March 1, it was late in the evening about 11. They brought me out of the recovery room to my hospital room and there were these two young and very cute nurses working my floor. When they came in and introduced themselves to me, one said "He looks like a movie star!" The other agreeed and they started trying to find pictures of the movie star in question on their smartphones. George Clooney? I should be so lucky. It turns out they think I look like John Lithgow, who is 20 years older than I am and not thought of as a Hollywood hunk. I was so disappointed :(


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