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arigatou, August 29,  2019  11:31pm EST

routine follow up visit with cardiologist

Hi, I am curious as to how often do you see your cardiologist after you have been diagonized as Afib? I had my first episode in March 2015, had Catherer Ablation in Oct. 2015 followed by implant of Pacemaker in Oct. 2016. My last visit with Cardiologist was in April 2017. I have pacemaker check twice a year with the pacemaker technition. My Cardiologist told me to come see him in two years. I forgot to go in April of this year and made an appointment in two weeks. Meantime, my afib events are more often lately and I am thinking the follow up visit should be more often? I was fine without rate control meds for two years after the pacemaker implant but I am on meds to control it.

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  • Raked
    Raked, August 29,  2019  11:49pm EST

    I feel like my situation is different than yours but my history with afib and cardiologists is that I'd have an episode, get treated/cardioverted, see a cardiologist a couple of times then I'd not see them again until my next afib event (historically a couple or more years apart).  Basically I only see a cardiologist during/after an event.  (this pattern has been going on for 12+ years)

  • arigatou
    arigatou, August 30,  2019  12:13am EST


    Thanks for your response. I got anxiety because I don't know if my situation will get worse without Dr. watching over me. Maybe cardiologist can't do anything to prevent Afib but to treat it after?

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, August 30,  2019  7:59am EST

    I was diagnosed with paroxysmal afib four years ago, when I had appointments with EP team a few months apart while doing holter monitor, Sleep studies, echocardiogram, then settled down to one/year with emphatic instructions to call in if episodes got more frequent or worse. At the same time started seebing a preventative cardiologist who watches over blood lipids &  pressure. Also settled down to yearly. I’ve been on rate control and anticoagulant.  I log my episodes and started using Apple Watch 4 which helps document things when I go in. My appointments are scheduled a year in advance. 

  • barbara1642
    barbara1642, August 30,  2019  8:00am EST

    For awhile I would see my cardio every six months, after having blood work & an echo.  Then it went to every 9 months.  Now I'm back to six months......(I recently had an a-fib episode & got put on Multaq).  I wouldn't feel good about not seeing him at least once a year.  


  • BeverlyRae
    BeverlyRae, August 30,  2019  11:51am EST

    I usually go once every 6 months, with remote PM download halfway in between.  I was told to check in if I had more episodes than usual or concerns.

  • arigatou
    arigatou, August 31,  2019  1:12am EST

    Thank you BeverlyRae,Barbara and DkinAA,

    I would feel better to see Cardiologist at least once a year. I will discuss with my doctor when I see him in two weeks.

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