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creid26, July 11,  2020  5:37am EST

Recently diagnosed

I was recently diagnosed with afib and have been scheduled for surgery. I currently have IST and POTS and have had x4 cardiac ablations and a thorocatomy ablation so this will be my 6th cardiac procedure. Medicines and other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful in treating my conditions. I'm extremely nervous about the long term effects of so many conditions and surgeries. Anyone else in the same boat? Any tips for living with this disorder is greatly appreciated since I'm not that familiar with it. Surgery is scheduled for July 31st, 2020 so obviously concerned about covid risks as well. I'm fortunate to be 26 years old and feel like this will help me in recovering quicker. 

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, July 13,  2020  7:35am EST

    creid26, we're glad to see you here, asking questions about AFib.  I hope you are seeing an electrophysiologist (EP) about your heart problems, since they are the type of cardiologist who specializes in treating AFib.  I don't blame you for wondering about the numerous procedures you have undergone.  One option is to request a "second opinion" on your condition(s), perhaps at one of the well-known cardiac departments such as the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, and several others, which the folks here could recommend.  IMHO, "living with" AFib is not a good idea, since your heart may be slowly deteriorating (that was my situation).   Please keep us posted!   Let us know how things go!  You are very young to have so many heart problems, and I hope you can deal successfully with all of them!  BTW, I assume you are on some sort of blood thinner, which is essential for AFib (to prevent stroke).

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, August 1,  2020  12:58pm EST

    Find a good Cardologist and EP. Call Texas Caridac Arrthyma in Austin/Dallas. Dr. Nalale MD EP pioneer Cath Ablation. I recommend from personal experience with AFIB for 2 years the following: ECG, Static (Rest) and Dynamic (Treadmill) Stress ECHO test. You must test for Sleep Apnea and Chlosestral Testing to see where your LDL level are.  IF your in ECHO Stress Test comes back as AFIB RVR then the test will be inconclusive. I recommend Lexiscan MPI Nuclear Test after that takes a 180 degree images of your heart and definitely a CT - Calcium Test and hopefully a Score =0  before the Lexiscan MPI. 

    Why? You want to see if you have soft blockage or calcium around and inside your heart. ECHOs will look at the upper chambers and lower chambers and mitral valve integrity and wall thinkness and constraction ratio of the heart.

    If you have a history or currently have High Blood pressure reduce your BMI and get on a DASH or a Paleolitic (Caveman) diet. Go Low Sodium - NO PROCESS FOODS. Get your BMI down to a NORMAL level with your height, and LDL < 100 the lower the better. 

    Low Sodium, Low Sugar, No caffiene ( Studies have not proven it causes AFIB) but I noticed it simulates my heart - I make my own shots.

    Follow a diet that works for you but Excercise 30 minutes on a Ellipical everyday or walk .. now it is hard because you feel low energy but once you do just keep your rate low.

    I taking 3x Rx blood thinner and Rx to reduce QRS rates and Blood pressure. 

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