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jaybeaux, October 5,  2020  10:43am EST

Post cryogenic ablation issue

Hello everyone. I'm new here. My doctors don't seem to have any information for me, so I'm reaching out for information or reassurance. About 2.5 years ago, I suffered my first incidence of afib. As I'm sure it did for most, it scared the tuna salad out of me. As it most often happens, over the following 2 years, the frequency of afib increased until one week earlier this year I had 3 occurences in 6 days. The afib was not only increasing in frequency but in severity. Pulse was racing over 150 and I had signs of atrial flutter (which is much more serious). So, I took the plunge and had an ablation. My procedure was at the Heart Hospital in Roundrock, TX, a state-of-the-art facility, performed by a doctor with a very long track record of success. I am approximately 3 months post op at this time. During the first month, I had 7 occurrences of afib, each of them shorter than the next, the last instance was about 10 second. Never needed rhythm drugs to revert. I haven't had any afib since. I returned to a normal, Covid workout routine about 2 weeks ago (during the first two months I was careful to watch my pulse rate and I reduced duration). I still have the occasional arrhythmia (PAC or PVC), they feel different, hard to describe, but they don't happen often. My big issues are 1) an uneven and often elevated pulse rate and 2) low blood pressure. I think these issues are likely related. If I'm sitting, especially with my feet elevated on the couch for any period of time, and go to stand, I have to actively steady myself, and bear down a bit, to recover my blood pressure. This happens much more often than not. On occasion my extremeties are briefly tingling, like the onset of numbness (fingers and toes mostly). The only other thing I notice is that when working out, on the Peloton for example, once I get my HR into the 140s, sometimes I feel like I hit a wall, that I can't go any harder. 

My apologies for the very lengthy first post. Just wanted to get it all out there. My thanks to anyone who has any thoughts to share. 

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, October 6,  2020  9:01am EST

    Jaybeaux, glad to hear that your ablation worked so well.  Question:  do you have a pacemaker?  Ask your EP how that may affect your pulse rate and blood pressure.   Keep us posted!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • jaybeaux
    jaybeaux, October 6,  2020  10:13am EST

    No pacemaker for me at this time. This issue is truly baffling to me. I've been taking my BP every day, and my range is 110 - 120 / 67 - 77. That's well within my normal range. Seems like I need a tilt test or something like that (I have widening pulse pressures I think, but I'm not suffering from internal bleeding as far as I can tell). 

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, October 7,  2020  9:31am EST


    Is there a possibility that you are getting dehydrated, and/or that you are depleting your magnesium and potassium? 

    For me (and for some family members), low blood pressure is often indicative of dehydration.

    Many people I know have found that issues such as yours after a procedure resolve when taking magnesium glycinate or magnesium taurate, accompanied by potassium.


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