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Natureartist, October 9,  2020  7:10am EST

Persistent AF treatments????

I think I'm going into persistent AF.   My episodes recently have been 5-7 days long with 4 days NSR.    I have a Cardio Dr. appt. next Thurs.    I wonder if anyone here is being treated for persistent or permanent AF.   If so, what is your treatment.    Thank you for any help.   Hoping Today has many Blessing for All

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  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, October 9,  2020  9:26am EST

    It depends on you but do not wait too long with long term AFIB persistence because it will cause your heart to work harder and may cause dilation in your left chambers. 

    In my experience I would get all these baseline test done prior to an Ablation procedure - CT scan and score, ECHO and ECHO treadmill, Nuclear Heart MPI and definitely a Sleep Apnea test results if possible prior to your RF Ablation. 

    Stop consuming sugar and process foods make life style changes - research life style diet. Reduce BMI etc. 

    Contact an experienced Electrophysiologist (EP) one that had 4,000 + of  successfull RF ablations under their watch.  One you can trust!!!! 

    Do not rely on your Cardiologist EP ... you research your own and use the best. Remember there are risk. 

    I had an RF Ablation successfully done on August 3rd by Texas Cardiac Arhythmma Austin Texas after persistent AFIB for 5 months. 

    Contact me directly if you need further opinions or further information regarding my experience. 

    Find a successful cardiologist and EP that will work as a TEAM! 

  • Heartfe6878
    Heartfe6878, October 9,  2020  2:31pm EST

    DSvoie comments were excellent..... But I would like to add that you also need to look at your thyroid with a full thyroid function test of TSH T3 and T 4. to see if this is contributing to you condition...Also are there any new medications or foods that are added recently to   your life..Anything that could be triggering you ?..Add  DSVOIE and my suggestions and mark them off. your list.....You want to getting going it you are actually moving this way...Look at the EP that are member of  the Heart Rhythm society. It is a good place to start...Texas Cardiac in Austin is superior..He has other place he also visit on the west coast as well as there are other superb EP around the nation.. Let us hear from you ..My best to you...

  • frankangelo
    frankangelo, October 11,  2020  7:03pm EST

    Most importantly if you're over 65 years old you should be on an anticoagulant to prevent stroke. I'm gathering from your short post that you're trying to decide on a treatment plan for your afib as you see yourself moving into persistent and perhaps eventually permanent AFib. If you can give more information about yourself and your struggle with Afib as well as what your specific concerns are then I think you will get better feedback. By the way I am in a similar boat as I just recently had my longest episode of afib which was six days. This is just short of the criteria for persistent. How one proceeds in treating their afib is a personal decision with no one correct answer.

  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, October 11,  2020  9:34pm EST

    Good point Blood Work Heartfe6878  ... keep forgetting. check your Thyroid Levels with your doctor ... both cardiologist and EP will need to know prior to Ablation ... but the EP will do blood work during the procedure ... thyroid levels can effect the pacemaker cells  of your heart. 

    "just understand that the Ablation of you're heart is done by a human hand."



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