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jameskelly, April 24,  2021  10:45am EST

Palpitations off/on!

Hi All:

I was wondering if anyone who has had an Ablation is experienceing these symtoms in which have occured since Wed. Its almost six months since my Ablation, and all seemed fine. I have been on Sotalol since Nov. On Wed, I started to feel slight palpitations. I used my Kardia six lead device. It showed Afib. I took again about 15 mins later, and it read normal. Yesterday, I took three readings. All normal! Today, Afib/Normal. Has anyone had this issue? I am really PO'd about this!!! 



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  • jwm1776
    jwm1776, April 24,  2021  12:03pm EST

    We all want to get back to normal.  I'm increasingly getting ther feeling that many doctors proceed very carefully for fear of litigation.  This has left people in the situation where they require multiple ablations and aren't able to resume normal activities.  A doctor being on the Rythym Society is no gaurantee you'll get the treatment you want or deserve.  Ask him why you are having problems now.  He owes you an explanation.  Ask what he is going to do so you can return to a normal lifestyle.  I have received tremendous pushback because doctors are afraid to stop medicating us for fear of liability.  Just my 2 cents but I'd be aggressive and demand some answers.

  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, April 24,  2021  12:13pm EST


  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, April 24,  2021  9:57pm EST

    Bottonline a RF Ablation is performed by a human hand supported by technology and people. 

    You want the most experienced EP possible with at least 5,000 procedures! 

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