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outofafib, November 18,  2020  4:51pm EST

Out of Afib

I am a new writer here so greetings all. My Afib attack was of the stealth variety. I was not aware of anything until my stomach began to bother me. This was approximately five weeks before I landed in the hospital. It was on and off with some bouts of constipation. The condition began to worsen. The feeling was as if a hand was squeezing my stomach. I wondered if I had ulcers or something wrong with my intestines. I made an appointment to see a gastroenterologist. I never made it. The constipation became so bad I went to an emergency room to get medicinal relief. While there I took off my shoe and showed the doctor my right foot. It was swollen. Both feet were swollen. That was that. I was hooked up every heart gizmo in the room. I was informed that my ejection fraction and spiked downward to an eight and then bounced up to a fourteen. My official reading once I was in the cardiac ward clocked me at eighteen. My heart had been hammered so badly that I was in Congestive Heart Failure.  I was informed that my heart tissue was thin. My heart had dramatically increased in size. The expectation was that I would need electronics and a heart transplant. I was informed I would need to live in an assisted living facility. This was a lot of grim news coming in fast.

I had all the drugs that are used to treat someone with my condition. I did have one catheter ablation.

As I was in the hospital events gradually turned in my favor. I have been a gym ****** most of my life. My diet and nutritonal supplements follow that kind of habit. I commented on that to the nurse on my case. She stated that may be why I was as I was. She stated that others on the ward at the same level as me could not walk or talk.

I was released from the hospital under my own steam. At that point I went off script. I continued to use the traditional meds but studied nutritional supplements specific to heart and brain health. I used extreme doses. When I had my second heart scan fourt months after my ablation my heart ejection fraction was clocked at sixty-five.  I had made it. No electronics, no heart transplant, heart tissue and size in normal states. I have been able to successfuly maintain my state up to present time. I have not informed my cardiologists of what I did in the shadows. They know I did something. One of my cardiologists told me I was an odd patient. I heard a lot of Wow, Wow, Wow over and over.

This battle took place from 2012 until the winter of 2017. I was fifty-seven and as of this writing I am sixty-five. No more heart meds. No more Afib episodes. I still have to monitor my blood pressure. This is responding to exercise and nutritional adjustments.

I really do exist. Take care all.



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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, November 19,  2020  8:04am EST

    Outofafib, yours is an amazing story.  I hope that your "recovery" stays put!  But I also hope that you are seeing an electrophysiologist (EP) on a regular basis.  One's heart can quietly deteriorate, with almost no symptoms of AFib (as mine did).  Also, maybe you still have AFib with few symptoms (your EP should tell you that).  In that case, you should be taking a "blood thinner" to fend off the possibility of stroke, which is the most "fatal" part of Afib.  Anyhow, thanks for sharing!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • outofafib
    outofafib, November 19,  2020  1:07pm EST

    Hi Thumper2. I do get monitored by a cardiologist that still remains with me. I was on blood thinners right away when it was discovered what was happening. I was eventually taken off of the blood thinner. I was on Warfarin.

    Have you been able to recover? If you wish to know more of what I did off script let me know. As you know this would be of course not a medical diagnosis or treatment from me. I do not know enough about this site to know if private contact can be done. Take care.


  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, November 20,  2020  11:32am EST

    OutofAfib, my "recovery" involved a special procedure in which my heart beats because my pacemaker is attached to the His Bundle in my ventricles.  It is working well.  If I had seen an EP sooner, I am reasonably sure that my earlier ablations would have gotten me back to NSR.  But in the 10 years I was with a cardiologist who was not up-to-date on ablations, my heart deteriorated to the place where neither cardioversions nor ablations worked.

    I still wish you might check with an EP and perhaps wear a Holter monitor for a time, to see if your AFib is still quietly hanging around.  I wish that some of the others on this site would comment on such a likelihood. Stay well!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • sls642
    sls642, November 20,  2020  12:20pm EST

    Hello outofafib,

    Am very interested in the regimen that you used to help your heart recover. I went down a simialar path but wound up using various RX meds to keep me in SR. Read everything I could find about this terrible heart problem (never believed any doc who told me it was not a big deal) and just kept looking. It was quite a journey. 

    My Afib has been controlled for many years but my heart never rebouded from the Afib damage the way yours apparently has. It would be helpful to know what worked for you. My email is sls642@aol.com if you would prefer to contact me directly.  

    Thanks so much.


  • Larkspur
    Larkspur, November 21,  2020  12:13pm EST

    Hi Out of Afib,

    Congratulations! I think that a number of us would be interested in your recovery regime. I'd be grateful if you could outline it here for us. 

    Having a consult with an EP is a good idea. Many of us initially saw cardiologists who missed things critical to the care of Afib patients. I lost three years seeing a cardiologist with a great reputation and didn't realize that he wasn't treating me in line with the most recent protocols. When I finally saw a good EP I realized that there was a huge knowledge gap between many general cardiologists and good EPs.

  • Rensalier
    Rensalier, November 22,  2020  2:07pm EST

    Out of Afib-

    I, like some of the others would appreciate you sharing what you did and what your regimen was. Personally, I think sharing here would be great. This is a support forum, we support each other, and the decision to do or not do something based on what someone else posts is ours alone. In other words telling us what worked for you is not providing medical advice, a diagnosis or a treatment plan for anyone. It is merely stating what worked for you.

    Let us know and if you need private email addresses, I'm sure some here would be happy to provide them. Thanks for sharing your journey. 

  • JudyKol
    JudyKol, November 23,  2020  10:02am EST

    Would love to hear more about your journey as to what worked. For the past 10 months I have tried Accupuncture, osteopathic treatments, cut out caffeine and alcohol, and tried various supplements. Only thing that works so far has been to increase the Flecainide BID from 50 to 100 mg.

  • outofafib
    outofafib, December 2,  2020  6:07pm EST

    More comments than I expected. As others are asking what I did, I will presume it is within this sites rules that what I describe is fine. I will put something togther here and get back to all of you. I will work on something over the weekend

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