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Dawne57049, June 4,  2021  3:21pm EST

New here!

Hello!  I was officially diagnosed in April of 2019 with AFIB.  Felt episodes for a couple years before that lasted anywhere from a few minutes to a day.  April 2019 it lasted 10 days.  Cardiologist had me on  Eliquis and 360MG of Diltiazem.  Two months ago my feet started swelling like crazy, huge!  Went to cardiologist as I was concerend it was from the Diltiazem.  They lowered Diliazem to 240MG added Metoprolo 50MG and Spironolacton 25MG.  My feet are starting to swell again!  I do not like being on 4 different prescriptions for this.  Wondering if it is better to see an EP versus a Cardiologst and what your experiences are like with this much medication?  Thanks! 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, June 4,  2021  5:17pm EST

    Hi Dawne,

    Thank you for joining the MyAFibExperience Community and sharing your experiences with AFib and various medications. Unfortunately, I am not a medical professional so I am not able to recommend any changes to medication but I can provide you with this resource on AFib Medications which includes some of the possible side effects. I would suggest getting a second opinion, possibly from an EP, if you feel that they would offer more clarity to your situation.

    Please keep us updated on how you are doing.


    AHA Moderator

  • TR
    TR, June 5,  2021  8:08am EST


    If you are able, walk as much as you can. Your leg muscles act as a pump to help get the fluids out of your feet. Again, this is only if you are physically able, and I agree a second opinion would be helpful.


  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, June 5,  2021  8:56am EST

    Dawne, by all means, consult with an EP!  Their specialty is treating AFib,and they are more likely to be up-to-date on the issues which you mention.  I don't blame you for not wanting to take "extra" medications (especially when they don't work!).  However, the Eliquis is probably permanent, to prevent stroke in folks with AFib.  Keep a list of questions to ask the EP, and keep us posted on how things are going.   All the best--

    Thumper2 (Judy)

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