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Cjnobata, February 15,  2020  7:47pm EST

New here

I just found this group. I have had 2 ablation last year and this month my AFib has returned. Have a LEE scheduled for next week. My cardiologist will probably suggest another but I am thinking to wait awhile. My question is this: has anyone noticed that drinking just water sets it off. Especially if I gulp it but also some slow drinking. Not ice water , just tap.  I am hesitate to drink and need the water to stay hydrated.


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  • BruceB
    BruceB, February 18,  2020  6:30pm EST

    You will come up with new triggers every day for the next week or so....and it could be any of them.  I am new to this, too and find myself thinking it was grilling in the cold...it was gin and tonic...it was lack of activity...it was because I quit smoking (yeah...love that one!)  I don't think you will ever figure it out, so just know you are not alone...we all just do what we can ;-)  Drink your water and stay hydrated...that WILL help.  Just (you did already?) see what the TEE says and what your EP says...then check with your cardiologist.  The EP is the "electrician" and the cardiologist is the "plumber".  Then you do what you think is best for you after reading all this overload of information here! ;-)  Good luck!

  • Aneta
    Aneta, February 22,  2020  10:01am EST

    Hi, yes I have to agree with BurceB. Reasons can be many. I also changed a lot in my diet, and I have to say that it brought results. Eg. I drink only warm water (according to what Chinese medicine says), I have only warm breakfasts, because stomach and heart are connected (as all organs are and Chinese medicine, and it advices to have warm breakfasts) so eg. porige.. I also mostly stop eating meat (only fish or other meat max 1/week) and eat a lot of vegetables and fruits like vegans do. It helps but what is even more important for me is to stay with "peace in mind" I have to avoid stress, negative emotions and struggles. Once I have this "peace" in myself, my heart works perfectly. It felt like that the heart for full and couldn't bear with so much negativity. Of course, doctors must tell you what to do and you must follow their advice. But there is always so much that is untold and what only you know and feel, and this is, in my opinion, the biggest field for improvement. I hope it was helpful. Keep me informed. Have a nice day.

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