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KAW62, August 12,  2019  7:46pm EST

Multaq with no cardioversion

New to this site.  Is there anyone that is taking Multaq, 400 mg twice daily, that hasn't had a cardioversion done? Thanks

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  • alinanny
    alinanny, August 13,  2019  6:58am EST

    Yes, I have been on Multaq and Eliquis for about 2 years now and last summer wore the monitor for 30 days straight and it did not detect any afib episodes so the EP says the Multaq is working.  I can still feel some skips and have little symptoms that remind me of the hot flashes I had in the past and my cardiologist says that is afib but it only lasts a few seconds.  I have been real happy with the Multaq except for the price of it of course.  I have been so pleased to not have to go through all that so many on this site have.  Each one of us are different in this condition.

    Our best to you in your journey

  • tyneff
    tyneff, August 13,  2019  4:34pm EST

    I too have been taking Multaq & Eliquis for almost 2 years this January. No Afib episodes since then, knock on wood. I have some skipped beats now and then. Some rapid HR for a few seconds now and then. Only time I was converted was when I first got Afib back in 2009. Since then all my Afib episodes I have convert on my own. I keep a record of the number of times I've had Afib. 17 times in 10 years. Cardiologist says I will eventually need an ablation. For now he wants me to wait and hope sucess rate go up. Says I don't need an ablation right now. I will listen to him.

  • dcshilton
    dcshilton, August 19,  2019  8:09am EST

    I have been taking Multaq for a year and a half, and am happy with how it has controlled the Afib.  I have occassional brief episodes of Afib, but they don't last long and my cardiologist does not think I need a blood thinner.  I have no side effects from Multaq.  I understand it doesn't work for everyone, but for me it has been great.  Good luck to you.   

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