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JudyKol, July 27,  2020  7:08am EST

Mild Sleep Apnea


I was diagnosed with AFib in January this year and with mild sleep apnea last week. I have two episodes of AFib per month that last 4 hours. On all sorts of meds, which the EP thinks is keeping  it "in check". May have ablation if I can't figure out how to control the episodes better. The sleep specialist said he can't guarantee that the CPAP machine would stop the AFib, my score was 10. He also talked about an oral appliance. Just wondering what others experience has been like who have been diagnosed with mild sleep apnea.


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  • dsavoie1953
    dsavoie1953, August 1,  2020  12:50pm EST

    Sleep Apnea is definitely a trigger for AFIB. It depletes O2 to the body. I stopped breathing 17x a hour and insomina for many years. AFIB is cause by eddy currents in the pulmonary artries feeding the lungs and heart that conflict with the sinus nodes cells in the upper chambers from firing in sync. Hence a Cardiac Ablation creates a dielectric barrier to block the eddy currents from causing your upper chambers Left/Right Artium to "flutter" - 

    AFIB upper chambers as I understand flutter greater than 148/min - hence a Cath Ablation is recommended if the CPAP does not solve the AFIB problem.

    I started a CPAP on day two and on Monday I going to get a Cath Ablation procedure. I reside in Dallas. 

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