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retiredlcsw, January 7,  2019  7:30pm EST


I am a 71 yo female 22 months post ablation for paroxsymal afib with no recurrence of afib, just occasional PVC's.  Had a sleep study done 6 months after my ablation and was advised that I had sleep apnea - for which I use a CPAP faithfully every night, with very positive results (according to the resmed readings).  However, I wake up multiple times at night,.  Never sleep through the night.  I resume sleep quickly, but it is frustrating to be waking so many times.  I do all the right things for good sleep hygiene.  I do not use caffeinated beverages or drink alcohol.  I was wondering if melatonin would help and if this is contraindicated for people with afib.  I contacted my EP's office today and the "receptionist" advised me I could take it.  Did not take a message for the doctor to get back to me.  I will continue to purse this with his office, but was wondering if anyone used it and if it triggered PVC's or afib.  I would really hate for this to start again.  

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  • MichaelC
    MichaelC, January 7,  2019  7:35pm EST

    When I started BiPap I had the same issue of waking up several times during the night.  Talked with my sleep doc and he recommended liquid melatonin.  I am 230 lbs and he suggested 10mg.  Worked.

  • rlevin47
    rlevin47, January 7,  2019  9:38pm EST

    I have had paroxsymal afib for many years. Maybe 2 to 3 episodes a year lasting 3 to 8 hours. 

    I have taken melatonin for many years. Never has been a trigger for me.

    I take only 500 mic. 45 minutes before bedtime. That is only1/2 of mg. 

    If you read up on melatonin you will find that lower dosages are recommended. Don't believe what the supplement co's are pushing. More is not always better!

    Start with 1mg for a few weeks and go from there. Remember it is not a sleeping pill and read all you can that is not from the supplement co's.  


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