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JudyKol, April 20,  2021  10:19am EST


At the 3 month follow up post ablaton with the EP wondering what I can expect in terms of medications. Given so far no AFIB episodes, is it reasonable for me to expect to be given the OK to discontinue flecainaide and xarelto? 


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  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, April 20,  2021  11:05am EST

    Hi Judy:

    I'm coming up on six months after Ablation, and I'm still on Xarelto. I have a follow up in June. My Doc said he'll evaluate, and MAYBE take me off Xarelto. Fingers crossed! You should followup with your Doc. 



  • Andey
    Andey, April 20,  2021  1:45pm EST

    Hi Judy

    I think he/she might suggest a few more months just to be sure and that is not a bad thing.  My experience after my first ablation was a few months of really short almost inperceptible AFIB bursts, followed by weeks of calm.  It is frustrating but Xarelto is definitely the lessor of 2 evils.  I stopped Xarelto ( I was being stubborn and stupid and after a few months of feeling ok thought it might be ok - that was my decision not my doctor's) and ended up with a CVA which thankfully did not leave life altering damage but i was more lucky than right.  So, just wait a bit longer - you seem to be doing great and i'm sure your EP will (even if it feels like forever!) steer you correctly.



  • bfboca
    bfboca, April 21,  2021  7:25am EST

    Hi Judy.  Re:  Flecainide and Xarelto.  I think it may be reasonalble for your EP to stop flecainide within 6 months of your ablation assuming you are event free.  But if so, ask him about a pill in the pocket back-up plan in case of an event after going flecainide free.  Remember to ask strength of pill, etc.  Regarding your use of Xarelto, I wouldn't be in any rush to stop taking it.  Personally I've been ablated for Afib and continue taking Eliquis as a safety meausure in case there are silent asympthomatic events happening now and then that I'm unaware of.  Best of luck with you and your EP's decisions.  Bob

  • maggieNC
    maggieNC, April 21,  2021  9:24am EST

    Judy - My husband - been a little over a year since his ablation.  We were given a choice on Eliquis at 3 months and stayed with it.  The flecainaide was stopped 2 months after the ablation.  He was started on metoprolol at 1/2 the lowest dose (12.5 mg) 8 months after due to isolated VTs picked up on the Zio monitor.  Word is he "looks good"... He feels great!

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