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bmlcsw, February 7,  2021  2:43am EST

Loop recorder running out of battery life- anyone else experiencing this?

I have a loop recorder that was placed in April 2017 a few weeks before my ablation.  The battery is dying out and I am only able to transmit data by using the hand held device that sits on top of the tabletop unit.  I had spoken to my EP about this at my last office visit (pre-COVID) and he advised that I could just leave it in place, remove it and not have another one put in, or take it out and put in a new one.  My a-fib episodes prior to the ablation were extremely apparent to me, so I would be aware if I were to have one.  Since the ablation, I have been fortunate to have not experienced any episodes and have not been on blood thinners 6 months post ablation. My question is: has anyone had their loop recorder replaced???  How difficult is it to remove?  And are there any problems with discomfort after taking one out and immediately putting another one in?  I plan on waiting until after getting my 2nd COVID before I even consider this.  Don't want to go near a hospital or doctor's office until then. I want to replace the device because it gives me some sense of security knowing that I am being monitored, even though at present I am a-fib free Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

3 Replies
  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, February 7,  2021  10:43am EST

    Thanks for joining the patient support community and sharing your story. We hope you find this forum useful and informative. 

    I'm not a medical professional so I can't answer your specific questions about your loop recorder.  I understand the need for clarity and security with the monitoring, so I encourage you to bring all these questions to your healthcare team as they would have the best advice on your specific questions about the battery and loop recorder as they know your full history.

    Please keep us up to date on your progress. 

    Take care, 
    The AHA Team

  • bfboca
    bfboca, February 8,  2021  8:00am EST

    Hi bmlcsw.  Re: Loop going dead.  I've got one also and the battery is giving out so I'm interested in anyone's response to replacing the old with a new one.  By the way, Medtronic has just released an improved Loop Recorder ( LINQ II which lasts up to 4.5 years, is smaller, and has superior algorithms) and that's the one I'm interested in.  I would think it is a much bigger deal to remove and replace versus just sliding that first one in under the chest skin.  Maybe more of a cut to remove plus more stitches but with the new one replacing old, you'll continue to be monitored and what're a few more stitches in life?  Good luck.  Bob

  • bmlcsw
    bmlcsw, February 10,  2021  1:54pm EST

    Hi, bfboca.  You are absolutely right.  I watched a Youtube video of a removal of a loop recorder and insertion of a new one.  It is more complicated than inserting the initial recorder.  Apparently a "capsule" of sorts develops around the recorder and that has to be cut open to be able to pull the recorder out.  It requires some stitches both uner the skin and some possible stitches or a glue like substance that dissapates on it's own on the surface.  When I had my initial recorder placed, I never had any stitches, just a small sort of bandaid that stayed on until it loosened off.

    I have a phone appointment on Friday to discuss this with my EP.  I think I will ask about that new loop recorder (thanks for the heads up on that) and will go for a new one.  I feel a sense of security having it in there, even though I am not having any afib episodes.  My afib was not the silent type, so I was always aware when I had it.  (Increased heart rate and sensation of fish flopping in my chest but no other symptoms)  Thank goodness for a successful ablation, but I still would feel more comfortable with a new loop recorder.

    Also saw on Youtube that there is a new maller bluetooth recorder that syncs to your cell phone.  Will ask the EP about that one as well.

    Thanks for your response, it is appreciated.   Barbara


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