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Spencer, May 14,  2018  7:54pm EST

Loop Monitor

Guess who just got his about to be implanted loop monitor approved to work in a secure facility?  ME!  Yeah.  I won't be fired from my job next month because of my heart.  The loop monitor transmits a Bluetooth signal continuously, and these are verboten in a secure facility. (Phones and most watches are not allowed.)  The other plan was for me to set up an unclassified desk in a closet in another building because I could be nowhere near the secure facility with a Bluetooth transmitting device.   But the computer bubbas said that I am okay with the monitor being in me while I work at my job.

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  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, May 14,  2018  11:10pm EST

    Good for you Spencer. Sounds like things are finally starting to go your way. Hope it continues. Although I’m retired I do understand wanting to keep ones job - retirement is fine when its on your terms and your time. Keep moving forward Spencer Thor still needs his walking partner. 

    May we all have NSR 


    (MyAfibExperience Community Leader) 

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, May 15,  2018  3:22am EST





  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, May 15,  2018  4:02am EST

    So your heart can fire 🔥 fire 🔥 away but Uncle Sam won’t reciprocate. How novel an idea or shall I say prospective deal as Watson would say. 

    Maybe the professional Log E consultant in KSA won’t be too far off either. And by the way Riyadh has some excellent cardiac top notch hospitals in the world. Who knows they can afford it! And of course The Royal Family is the top user of Cardiac Med care. I went ttwo see Cardiologist’s a Lebanese and an Indian(the country of) when I was in Riyadh ‘94-96. Then 2001-June 2002. One problem there’s no Waffle Houses that saw in The Kingdon so Thor would not be Bacon 🥓 happy . He may not like Camel 🐫 chops though. Good luck on Looping once you are implanted Spencer.

  • maggieNC
    maggieNC, May 15,  2018  6:27am EST

    Sometimes the gov't bureacracy CAN find a way through... good for you!

  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 15,  2018  6:32am EST

    Depotdug - I've had camel.  Was ok with some BBQ sauce.  Lived over there for 14 months already so I know the area and the people pretty well.  Need to brush up on my arabic.

    I guess things are starting to go my way so there are a few "wins" in the Spencer column - good check up from the cardiac doc after my ablation and I can wear my monitor in my workspace.

    Still was recently hospitalized for 4 days recently but will post about that a little later.  Had a syncope and a TBI.

  • lmaj
    lmaj, May 15,  2018  10:27am EST

    What a journey  . . Now that you can be monitored 24/7 I hope it does the trick for the final stage of a full recovery---as a just in case want to monitor you but now nothing note worthy shows up?  like carrying an umbrella to keep away the rain.

    And---like there are not other ways to monitor someone even in a very high tech guarded location . . . .aren't we all being watched??

    All the best to you, linda

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, May 15,  2018  4:42pm EST

    Spencer, Late breaking news Bacon for babies made the news. But don’t tell THOR, he may get affended since he is now 10 years old now. 🤔 sure if you want to Boost Thor’s Growth level. Enjoy.

    Bacon for Babies? Pork and Beef Boost Infant Growth Says New Study - Extra Crispy https://apple.news/AKWh8FmjTRm-2aZroklecOQ


  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 16,  2018  6:45am EST

    Imaj - I'm in NSR... but it is not a good NSR.  Long QT, lots of PACs, and PVCs.  I want the long term monitor because I know that my AFib will return.  I am not exercising at all outside of Thor's bacon runs and night bunny missions.  I am scared to start to run or workout again because I do not wish to be back in the ER or ICU again.  I have spent 22 days hospitalized so far... the last three in a rather interesting place... and you can see that in my other post.  But I just want to get better and start to return to a quality of life that I am comfortable with.  Doctors fail to understand because they see the problem and not the person.  I do not care if I am in AFib or not, it is about quality of life.

    Being watched... yes, I think so to.  But where I work they are a little intrusive, but when I worked at another place it was had a whole new level that you would not beleive possible.  But it is good that this was approved and that I can keep my job.  If I was at my last place, I would have been fired.  One thing interesting to note and a good sign about people I guess. Is that outside this one place (deep underground) was the cell phone box before you go into the place.  The box covered an entire wall with little cubicles for the phones.  There was literally 300 phones and watches there (watches aren't allow either)... and there never was a single theft.  Probably close to $250,000 in electronics at anyone time and never a single theft in the three years that I worked there.  No one was watching the box and there was no check in and check out.  Just an wall with little cubilces for everything.


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