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Katysand, May 13,  2020  9:21pm EST

I just had an electro Cardioversion

It restored my sinus rhythm but now while laying down I have a phantom feeling, which doesn't hurt, similar to a rapid kick to the bed or couch I'm lying on.  Could this be muscle memory of the shock procedure?  It almost feels like what a body would feel if it was shocked, a rocking or bouncing motion.  It goes away when I fall asleep.  By the way, I'm not particularly fantasy based or prone to this kind of thing, just wondering if anyone else has felt this.  By the way when i check my heart beat there is no change.

2 Replies
  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, May 14,  2020  6:42pm EST

    Katy, it sounds like this phantom feeling is concerning to you. Most doctors are accepting telehealth calls/video calls which may be just as beneficial as a regular visit. I highly recommend you check with your doctor to put your mind at ease. 

  • tolsen53
    tolsen53, May 18,  2020  11:41am EST

    I've had about 18 cardioversions in 17 years, never felt what you describe. I agree with AlyAHA, tell your Doc, see what they say. Don't delay, call him today. Fear and anxiety about afib is common, get ahead of your fears as quickly as possible, you will feel better knowing what you are dealing with, Good luck.

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