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TR, June 17,  2020  1:22pm EST

Help for cuts that won't stop bleeding

As many on this forum are on anti coagulants, sometimes getting a cut to stop bleeding is difficult.This is a home remedy that they actually use in emergency rooms at times to stop bleeding and you may have it in your medicine cabinet, Afrin nasal spray. It constricts the blood vessels and can be useful in helping stop seeping or bleeding from a wound. A home remedy that's easy to apply.


4 Replies
  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, June 18,  2020  7:29am EST

    Another remedy for small cuts is the old styptic pencil. (Anyone who used to shave with a razor blade is likely to have one.)   Wet the end of it a little and rub on the cut.

    Thumper2 (Judy)


  • macaodha
    macaodha, June 19,  2020  6:52am EST

    I carry with me 24/7 a small vial of brown powder that was developed by the military in Desert Storm to stop bleeding, and it works great! Sprinkle it on a cut and bleeding stops immediately. 

    You can buy it OTC at most drug stores, I buy mine at Walgreens. You'll find it in the 'band-aid' section, it comes in a 3 pack, and it's called "Wound Seal'.

    ~ Mac

  • Arline3366
    Arline3366, June 19,  2020  1:30pm EST has a number of "stop blood" items.  I have found them to be very useful in the few times I've used them.

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, June 28,  2020  3:34pm EST

    I agree with Mac....WOUND well and is easily available.      I did not know about Afrin nasal spray ....that is interesting.


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