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SESanchez, May 12,  2020  10:22am EST

Having trouble adjusting

I'm new to the network and joined hoping to learn of others experience with afib.  This is my second bout . . . The first 5 years ago. It started 4 weeks ago and I didn't call my doctor due to the corona virus situation.  Thought it would stop on its own as it had previously.  Not very smart.  I've now seen my cardiologist who put me on Eliquis and metropolo and will have a cardioversion tomorrow.  

Can't help but wonder if I'm making too much of this.  I'm exhausted, have pain in my chest, can't breath particularly when trying to sleep and end up hyper-ventilating.  Just need this to get bettter.  Hate that I sound so sorry for myself.

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  • BJB
    BJB, May 12,  2020  10:30am EST

    Seeing your cardiologist was wise. Your pain, exhaustion, and trouble breathing when sleeping are more severe than my symptoms have ever been. After seeing a cardiologist for several years, though, I was referred to an electrophysiologist in their practice. That was the best thing I have done! She gave me choices: increase my dosage of propafenone, change medicine, or have an ablation. She was very supportive and reassuring; I had two ablations and feel much better. I still take propafenone and also take Eliquis, and I feel good. Having the cardioversion will give you much more information. From there, my suggestion would be to consult an electrophysiologist--the best one you can find in your area.

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, May 13,  2020  7:23am EST

    Let me second the good advice from BJB!  In addition, you might try being tested to see if you have sleep apnea.  If you do, and you treat it, your chances of success with an ablation are higher.  Keep us posted!


  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, May 13,  2020  12:14pm EST

    SESanchez, most of us share how you feel - although I had paroxysmal afib for five years, with lots of episodes (getting better under new drug plan), it always makes me feel anxious and generally like ****. Your symptoms sound worse than mine. Hang in there and let us know how it goes! It might help to remember that stroke risk is the main problem here, and the Eliquis deals with that, so it is mainly about improving the symptoms you feel. Thumper2's advice about sleep apnea is good - dealing with that helped me a lot!

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