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TonyBoston, May 13,  2020  6:30am EST

Flecainide - Long term solution or band aid?

Hi all,

It's been a while. I had an (what I thought was successful) ablation at MGH 18 months ago but yesterday AM HR went to 140. First time in 18 months as I check it regularly on iWatch and Kardia 6L as I am asymptomatic.

Took some pill in the pocket dil but didn't lower rate.

Called EP and she suggested upping the dil and taking 100MG of flecainide which I did at 6PM Tuesday, if that didn't work a cardioversion would be the next step. 2 hours later I was back in NSR but this AM back at 140.

Concerned because a few cardioversions didn't work before I had the ablation nor did flecainide and tikosyn. Maybe after the ablation it will work, anyone had good results on flecainide long term?

Do you think the flecainide worked that quickly to get me back in NSR 2 hours after taking ?

Any thoughts on this would be helpful.




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    HJKMS, May 13,  2020  3:48pm EST


    After having too many a-fib episodes, lengthy and frequent, my cardiologist sent me to an EP who gave me a choice.  Do nothing, schedule an ablation or increase my flecanide.  At the time, I was on 50 mg twice a day which he increased to 100mg twice a day.  I take mine 9AM and 9PM.  Am also on metoprolol tartrate 25mg, which I take before going to bed.  In my case, the flecanide took at least a week to work effectively and so far, since Sept. 9, 2018, I have not had any long or frequent episodes.  Maybe an occasional blip but nothing else.  Anyone who reads this may think I'm crazy because this normally doesn't happen but since everyone obviously is different, so far so good.  Last appt with EP told me, contact us is you have any episodes.


  • TonyBoston
    TonyBoston, May 13,  2020  4:21pm EST


    Thanks for the reply. My EP says it will take a few days or so to level out in your body. I am taking 100mg twice daily and have been popping in and out of SR all day.

    Just started it last evening so I can only hope to be as successful with the flec. as you have been.

    Stay safe.


  • bfboca
    bfboca, May 14,  2020  4:51am EST

    Hi Tony.  Re: long term use of Flecainide.  It's been a wonder drug for me for some 25 years and I'm now 76.  A couple of years ago I started to have a few more breakthroughs, so I upped my mg's from 100 bid to 150 bid and no problems or breakthroughs since.   My EP has many patients on flecainide. And for a long time and it works well with many of his patients.

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, May 14,  2020  8:00am EST

    Tony, about the drug kicking in after only a couple of hours. A few months ago I started using a similar drug, propafenone, on a "pill in the pocket" plan for my paroxysmal afib. It would switch off the episode in as little as a half hour. So I can imagine the Flecainide  doing that too. (Now on regular dose plan with the propafenone- but will probably need to tweak dosage upwards). 

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