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BeachBum91, February 26,  2020  4:33pm EST


Hi everybody. I'm new to the group and so happy to have found you all. I'm scheduled for my first ablation on April 20. Meds have been unsuccessful controlling my aFib. 
My question for you is the extreme fatigue I feel normal? It seems to be getting worse. Also, shortness of breath with very minimal exertion. But mostly the fatigue. It's destroying my quality of life and causing some pretty severe depression. I guess what I'm wanting to know is, am I alone in this? Or is this normal for this condition? I'm only 47 years old and my husband doesn't really understand at all what I'm dealing with. 

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  • poojeanie
    poojeanie, February 26,  2020  5:26pm EST

    Yes! Fatigue is pretty normal. I was really experiencing it all last Summer but was in denial. I hadn't been to a doctor in many years and I knew I had the PACs and PCVs irregular heartbeats which are usually benign. However, they were coming on very frequently and then were ushering the Afib attacks and when that started happening I really became very tired out and much less active. My quality of life did diminish. Finally last October, I gave in and went to ER when I was in Afib. I won't bore you with the details, I was put on Metoprolol and Eliquis and for a month it seemed to help. Then, the episodes became more frequent again and seemed more intense. I've posted this before here, I started taking 100mg of Dr's Best Chelated Magnesium 4x daily and it's been over a month with NO Afib episodes and very few ectopic heartbeats they are all but gone.  My Energy sure has returned too. If you are not taking magnesium, you need to talk to your doctor or, as I did take it upon yourself to investigate, the internet/YouTube is loaded with clinical studies proving it helps the heart in many, many ways with magnesium supplementation. I'm sorry your partner doesn't understand, I'm finding my (grown) kids don't really get it either but finally they are starting to. Good luck BeachBum91

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 26,  2020  7:41pm EST

    Fatigue is R E A L in AFIB or heart rhythm issues. Big time, I just got AFIB Cardioversion on Valentines Day 09:00 in my Local hospital cardiac Cath lab( 1 of 5 Cath labs). I was in AFIB for a whole 2 weeks and didn't even know it until Feb 12th when I tried to take my EKG. Yeh my Apple S4 watch wouldn't even register neither would my KARDIA EKG plate. 
    Fatigue is real in AFIB, gave me headaches, high blood pressure, and energy crisis DOUG.

    Please don't tell me that I can not exercise in fatigue mode!!  Not gonna happen. 

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 26,  2020  7:43pm EST

    Oh I forgot Dr's Best Chelated magnesium tabs 2 100mgs in AM and 2 100mg in early PM keep my magnesium blood test right in the middle of the range and my heart muscles love magnesium!! Not sure what magnesium and fatigue have in common though.

  • Shanfraz
    Shanfraz, February 26,  2020  8:42pm EST

    Hi , I totally agree with pop Jeanie and depotdoug . Magnesium has also helped me .  I take doctors best and dr. Carolyn deans magnesium.  It’s been a life saver.  I’m back to swimming and my heart seems to be humming nicely with no pvcs.  Good luck

  • Carlosjlazo
    Carlosjlazo, February 26,  2020  10:06pm EST

    Have your EP already recommended an ablation. I'm 50 and had really bad afib episodes, they sent me to the hospital all the time. Short of breath, extreme fatigue even when I just was brushing my teeth or chewing my food. 
    My EP Recommended ablation from the beginning, but I was trying to avoid a surgery. Tryed flecanide and then sotolol and they gave me really bad side effects including panic attacks, depression , etc .  Flecanide was especially bad. And they didn't kept me out of afib episodes. Then I was prescribed amidarone which is the most effective and kind of work for me . I know this is a toxic medicine and I should not go everyday for the rest of my life with it  considering my age. 
    so I finally went for the ablation about a month ago. I have not had any other afib episode since. Still get some discomfort sometimes and tiredness but they rarely come and are very mild. I'm back playing tennis, working out and having a regular life again 

    I'm still taking amidarone and Eliques , EP said 2 months as some afib episodes are possible after the ablation 

    my recommendation is to talk to your EP about the ablation and if it is an option go for it.

    i have heard good things about the magnesium too and will discuss with my EP in my next appointment 

  • milano
    milano, February 26,  2020  10:07pm EST

    Beachburn91     Your meds and or your afib can and probably will  cause great fatigue.  If your ablation is successful and the odds are that it will be,  the fatigue will lessen and this will all have been a very bad dream.    Good luck.  Dick

  • STB01
    STB01, March 30,  2020  12:06pm EST

    Fatigue can be a side efect of a lot of the meds precribed for afib.  Also, if you think about it, your heat rate can be zooming pretty high for extended periods of time, plus the physical and emotional stress that comes with going into afib will also wear you down. I had an ablation and while it did not completely end the afib long-term, it has reduced it to the point where I only take a beta-blocker "as needed". 

    But to your point, the fatigue is real, but I'm sure that your ablation will greatly improve your quality of life.

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, March 31,  2020  11:34am EST

    Welcome to the group. I'm in rhythm. When I was not and had a heart rate of 150 or so for hours at a time, I likened it to running a marathon at full speed. When I finally converted back into rhythm, I was exhausted. Having my heart rate that high for that long really tired me out. My cardiologist said I was lucky my heart was in a good shape as it is as a pump. Too bad it was goofed up electrically. He said not to worry about the rate as long as it was in that 150 range. Over that and longer than a day, he said to chill out and potentially hit the ER to see if they could bring it down. That worked for me up until a few months ago. That's a whole nother story. Suffice it to say, I'm back in rhythm for the past 3 weeks and truly appreciating it.

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