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maggieNC, August 30,  2019  12:39pm EST

Dr. Natale Consult - Looking for Advice on Where to Stay, etc...

My husband's cardioversion on Thursday was successful.  Time to look seriously at an ablation.  One of my biggest take aways from this group ---> experience, experience, experience when it comes to the EP performing an ablation...

We've scheduled a consult appointment with Andrea Natale.  Some months back there was a great discussion here about where to stay, the ins and outs of St. David's Medical Center, etc.  I have searched for that thread.  Can't find it.. Wonder if it was before the website merged with AHA.

So, asking again.... very much appreciate your suggestions - It is possible we will be doing the "all in one" trip for 6 - 7 days... but for now we're just scheduled for a flight in on a Sunday, consult appt. mid-day Monday and return flight mid-day Tuesday.

Thanks for sharing!!!  Maggie

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  • rlevin47
    rlevin47, August 30,  2019  5:51pm EST

    Hi Maggie

    I had a Natale ablation in May. Everything went well. We stayed at the Residence Inn Austin University-Area. 

    The hotel was fine. We had a kitchen. The room has breakfast included which was OK. Typical hotel breakfast. 

    We were there for 4 nights. 1 night before 1night in the hospital and 2 nights after. 

    Very convenient to the hospital. 10-minute easy drive. 

    There was a great little Mexican hole in the wall restaurant almost across the street. I think it was called Paco's.  All kinds of good restaurants in Austin. 

    Good luck,



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