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depotdoug, January 3,  2021  1:34pm EST

Doug's next hurdle - BNP B-type Natriuretic Peptide blood lab and Cardiac Electrolyte loss during Colonoscopy Pre Prep.

Heh everybody. Monday AM I do repeat BNP labs and Chem 6 for my Cardiologist checking on my Furosemide 20mg progress. And more importantly lowering my Blood Pressure. So far Mr Furosemide is working, my BP's have been in the 120's for the most part, some in the 130's. That's good for depotdoug.  

All of this is leading up to my COlonoscopy Jan 14th. Exciting maybe. I am getting Cardiac Clearance of course and seeing my cardio doctors NP this Friday. She knows me all to well.  Jan 14th is C-day.

1] My main conern is will my BP stay low (120'-130's) during my Colonoscopy prep starting 3:00 PM day before till arrival at hospital 08:00 for 09:30 procedure.  

2] Main concern #2 is will my blood chemistry Electrolytes go crazy Wed Jan 13th till completed with colonoscopy Thursday 14th.  Excellent ?'s for my cardio NP this Friday.  

Guess you got to do what you got to do.    Anybody else had similar experiences?


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  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, January 3,  2021  2:01pm EST


    Have you asked your doctors these questions? There may be something they can suggest to keep your BP and hydration managed.


  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, January 3,  2021  3:27pm EST

    Yes I have briefed and messaged my newest most cognizant and very aware of my situation Cardiologist Dr Meier and his cardio NP( I am seeing this Fri AM). This was immediately after i got my Colonoscopy pro date, 01/14. 
    One they Meier and Leah NP are totally aware of my deep concerns. The good news is my BP is acting quite well since my Furosemide start. That's good news. 
    Yes I will have a complete set of Chem 6 labs tomorrow as a baseline. May even take a copy with me for Colonoscopy prep, assuming i get to that point.  Bet you can sense a bit of pessimision, Mellanie.

    A comment from my Colon-****** surgeon attending Colonoscopy Doc on Dec 23rd F/U with me was: Anethesiologists can take care of patients(my) BP issues... Ok, 1st I've got to get thru prep 01/13 then trek over via my wife to my fav heart hospital then down to basement Endo/Colon scope Lab. All on empty stomach and everywhere else.

    Yes, I'll be in touch with my Cardio NP this week by msg then Fri AM in person. And I'll be getting appointment for a Pre-Colon scope Covid-19 drive thru screen like 01/11 or 0/12.

    Think I am gonna ask my *** Dr Tan about taking 2 of my Buspirone 7.5mg tabs 01/14 AM. My Chem 6 and BNP labs results will be interesting to see. I'm being pro proactive, hope my Colon-****** surgeon understands. His part is only 20 +/- mins to perform.

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