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grandscheme, March 17,  2020  11:26pm EST

Covid 19 stress

Good evening all.

Covid 19 is causing stress of various sorts for many people. You may be one of them. 

Two things have helped me:

* Reducing the time spent reading and listening to news. It's frequently inflammatory and agitated and the true numbers are far less alarming than the way the event is being promoted.

* Reminding family or friends who are distressed and may take out their aggravation in all sorts of ways, to stop it, that my heart is trying its best to remain calm and no added stress is welcome.

We will move through these challenges as a country. Kindness helps. So do funny movies!

Be well my dear friends on this support group site.

5 Replies
  • OutsmartIt
    OutsmartIt, March 18,  2020  6:51pm EST

    Hi, grandscheme,

    Do you have family members who aren't disstressed and aggravated that you can text or email? Do others share your place of residence?

    Know that i care.


  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, March 18,  2020  8:21pm EST

    OutsmartIt, you are incredibly, completely sweet! Thank you for your kind reply.

    My life is blessed with great friends, great neighbors (at 76, I'm obviously the elderly neighbor they've decided to check on ... smile) and family. But my daughter, who loves me over the moon, is somewhat trying from a distance to micromanage my moves because she's so concerned I'll get sick.

    Am I doing this? Am I doing that? 

    I'm not concerned, she is.

    But today we met along with my wonderful son-in-law halfway between our two cities for a walk in the park and that was reassuring. My daughter still insisted that I remain 40 yards away (yes, I'm kidding, only 10 feet), but it was good for all of us to have a face-to face. The last time we were able to get together was in a Boston hospital nine weeks ago for my trial regimen of dofetilide, which has been AMAZING! No afib in all this time. A very welcome change for me.

    Thank you again. I wrote that when I was feeling, oh, "agitated" is probably the best word.


  • Canada
    Canada, March 19,  2020  9:23am EST

    Thank you grandscheme and Outsmartit!  You advice is so important. 

    I have to smile at our self-isolation.  It's an adjustment but we are not isolated.  We have our devices!


  • tolsen53
    tolsen53, March 23,  2020  12:53pm EST

    Hardest to deal with for those who live alone. In my 55+ community, which has over 14,000 residents, we try to look out for each other, and reach out via phone call, text, or social distancing face to face, to remind everyone they are not alone.

    At home, I shut off the TV, and slowly tackle the projects I have been putting off because I was too busy to get to them. I also try and keep mind sharp by playing online suduko and other word games, crosswords, etc. I also use adult coloring books to give me focus. I can't draw a line to save my life, but I sure can color withion the borders!!

    If you can get out of the house, find a neighbor with a dog that needs walking, and walk the dog - great exercise, and you can complain about life to the dog, and they don't talk back!

    When all else fails, a shot of tequila works wonders.

    Stay safe and sane everyone.


  • Elise
    Elise, March 24,  2020  9:52am EST

    I had my first Zoom video conference with a friend last week. Since then I've had Zoom meetings with my lunch group (5 of us), a work session with a client, my grandson across the pond, and my sister. Next week my book club will meet. It's amazing to me how much better than a phone call this feels. Zoom is free and easy to use. It's been a great stress reliever for me. 

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