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iamagoodguy2, August 10,  2019  7:26am EST

Cost of Cardioversion


For those of you that have had a cardioversion procedure, would you be willing to share what you paid for this procedure. I live in Wisconsin, and  having this procedure done next week at University of Wisconsin Medical Center. I have researched the average cost for this procedure and the range appears to be anywhere form $500.oo to maybe $800.00. U of W is charging over $4000.00 for this procedure. Insurance has negotiated it down to a little over $3000.00. Still a very tough pill to swallow. I am wondering if I try and bargain with U of W and show them my cost research analysis and see if they will get the price more in line or do I shop elsewhere. I had a heart attack about 3 years ago, and had a single stent placed. With proper medication (a Statin,metoprolol, and change in diet and excercise I was doing very well. I went in for a 2 year check up and completed a stress test with flying colors. My cardio doctor mistakenly took me off metoprolol, and about a month afterwards I developed AFIB. It's now to the point where excercise is out of the question. I get dizzy just pulling weeds. Heart rate can go as high as 175 BPM. Sleeping pretty much sucks.I am now back on metoprolol 100 MG a day, and Eliquis and Statin. Any thoughts?

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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, August 11,  2019  8:54am EST

    Tim,  have you had a test for sleep apnea?  A high percentage of AFibbers have it, and it reacts negatively with AFib.  Maybe a CPAP machine would help your sleep patterns.

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • iamagoodguy2
    iamagoodguy2, August 11,  2019  5:15pm EST

    Eliquis apparently can effect sleep. I’m hoping I can get off that drug and lower my dosage of metropolol and that will resolve my sleep issues. I honestly cannot imagine having to wear a mask to sleep

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, August 12,  2019  7:49pm EST


    Could you point us to research showing that Eliquis can affect sleep? I have never heard of that. 

    Wearing a CPAP mask is something you get used to, and then you don't want to sleep without it.


  • Gene157
    Gene157, August 13,  2019  1:17pm EST

    The hospital charged something like 3000 and Medicare Advantage paid in the order of 300 if I remember correctly. I went home 3 hours later. They were able to do it right away because I was in AF for less than 48 hours. Actually about 14hrs. You have to get back into sinus, it will become more difficult as time goes on to STAY in sinus because of modeling.

    Just like you AF has a major impact on the quality of life. Blood pressure drops to 100/80 from 115/70.


    Good luck



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