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Patio7, February 3,  2019  11:14am EST

Cost of afib medication

I wonder what influence we can have about the devastating costs of drugs for our afib. The year has just begun and the two major medications I take for Afib have cost me just under $1000.00 . In January. With others I take I am well over that number. My cost for dofetilide alone has doubled and that is after my large deductible and I am on Medicare. Thankfully I have been able to meet these cost increases, but I know many can not and I worry about our future.

This is not a political issue. It is a community issue. I’d like to think we might have a voice. Am I the only one who is worrying about this?

  • patrickg
    patrickg, February 5,  2019  8:20pm EST


    Thanks for your response. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly, but I am slowly but surely making progress getting all my meds listed with the VA. Experience tells me that although getting things started with the VA takes some time, once things are established, benefits are like clockwork and very dependable. I look forward to getting relief from the donut hole and associated out-of-pocket expenses every month.

    Curious how your spouse pays for his he able to pay online? Does he get a monthly bill? Does he get a 30 or 90 day supply? Can he renew prescriptions online or by telephone?

    Thanks again for your response.

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 6,  2019  1:42pm EST

    The only light I could maybe shed on this AFIB major cost impact is that I cringed when I started Xarelto way back in April 2013, i think. My first months 20mg bottles or pkgs were from Cardio NP's office sample supply. Yes, free. But then my mail order 90 days orders kicked in and wow $180 i think per 90 day. That's not bad. But Xarelto $$ went up to 240/ 90 day if i remember correctly. But since I jointly happily discontinued Blood Thinners with my EP Dr's concurrence March 2016 that med cost issue is gone. I do still have (2) 30 day 20mg Xarelto bottles at home. Anybody want them. Just kidding we can not or shall not do that. They will go to my next Rx un-used disposal thru Walgreens or our State Police medication disposal collection. 

    Cost of medications is still out of control. THanks for posting those Medicare government links Mellanie. 


  • Fourteener18
    Fourteener18, February 7,  2019  11:39pm EST

    I am struggling with the costs of Eliquis. I had a blood clot  in my heart when I was diagnosed with AFib. My doctor is providing me with samples. I am 5 months from Medicare. For a 30 day supply cash (60 tablets) is over $1000.  I don’t have an Rx plan with my insurance. Counting the days for Medicare.


  • Fourteener18
    Fourteener18, February 7,  2019  11:43pm EST

    I just read that Eliquis will have a generic available this year.

  • MellanieSAF
    MellanieSAF, February 9,  2019  8:00pm EST


    All the options for help with Eliquis are listed here:

    I'm not sure where you found info that Eliquis would go generic this year. A generic Eliquis is unlikely to be available to patients for several more years. For example, the first patents for Pradaxa expired in 2017, but it is still not available as a generic (at least I have not seen such) because there are so many other patents protecting it currently. 


  • TR
    TR, February 10,  2019  5:29am EST


    If you exhaust all other options and still need help lowering the price of Eliquis, here is a Canadian mail order drugstore that has been around a long time with good credentials where you can purchase Eliquis for $125 per month's supply for 60 pills. I haven't tried this because I'm no longer taking Eliquis,but it has been reviewed by people who have and gotten good ratings. Just trying to give you some more options.


  • Carmel6223
    Carmel6223, February 11,  2019  3:55am EST


    I have been getting all my meds from the VA for years.  All my doctors are there and I receive great care.  To answer your questions about billing and refills, yes, you will get a monthly bill and you can pay online.  You can do refills online or on the refill phone number on the bottle.  You will need to set up an account to refill on line, but when all the refills are gone, your doctor will have to send in a new prescription.  You do get a 90 day supply of your meds.  The refill phone number on the medicine bottles has options where you can talk to the pharmacist, billing, pharmacy customer service and other options.  I pay $24 for a 90 day supply, but I think that depends on what category you are in.  Some people don't pay anything.  If you can't pay when the bill comes, your meds will NEVER be cut off and you don't get harrassing calls.  You can apply for hardship where they wipeout your bill if you ever have a financial hardship.

    I hope this answered your questions.  Once you get all set up, I think it will go smoothly for you.

    Good luck with everything.

  • patrickg
    patrickg, February 11,  2019  10:13am EST


    Thanks for your response regarding your experience with getting your meds from the VA. I have established an account and received the first supply of my meds and am liking the online experience where I can contact my care “team” directly via secure messaging, including my primary care doctor. This convenience is not available with my private care providers, so I will most probably continue transitioning my care to the VA.

    The VA cardiologist agreed to allow me to continue my aFib care with my private EP, so I will keep my Medicare Plan F to cover out of pocket costs for the EP and other private specialists I see on a regular basis. I will see the VA cardiologist every 6 months to keep my Dofetilide prescription active.

    Overall, I am very pleased with my VA care and wish I had explored this option earlier! Thanks again for your feedback and good luck to you going forward!

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