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Littlemerlyn, May 13,  2018  7:38pm EST

Contentious drink

I went to heart doctor the other day and had Reginald checked and was told I been in constant afi b since February. I'm exhausted all the time anyone else have this going for so long

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  • Littlemerlyn
    Littlemerlyn, May 13,  2018  7:41pm EST

    Supposed to be contentious afi b . And the other word is defibrillator

  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 13,  2018  7:44pm EST

    Yes.  I was in AFib for probably a year before I was diagnosed.  My symptoms started out mild and grew steadily until I went into the doctor.  Since Oct, I have had three ablations, and 2 sets of cardioversions.  Along with numerous times in the ER, ambulence rides, a heart attack and about 23 days in the hospital or ICU.

    So... yep.  Sorry, but welcome to the AFib Tribe.


    Waiting for my Sunrise.

  • Littlemerlyn
    Littlemerlyn, May 13,  2018  8:14pm EST

    Hey Spencer how are you now? I understand all you have cuz I have many heart issues 2001 i thought I had the flu for three days finally went to doctor several blood tests later he called me back in same night told me a bad a silent attack i lived in backwoods of Maine at the time they sent me to bigger hospital for more tests etc.  I damaged upper muscle had a triple bypass. Never got well had lipademinia both legs later moved to Indiana had one put in had two more put to stop rupture .tried to have watchman implanted but found out my heart is tilted down and tur Ned to defibrillator after mini str o ke went into left eye had major bleed after being on sliced  now on warfarin have to tested every couple of days

  • Rbrandt
    Rbrandt, May 13,  2018  8:16pm EST

    Hi littlemerlyn, welcome to MyAfibExperience.  When I was diagnosed on Nov 6th 2015 i was in constant Afib and I had no idea the only symptom i felt was exhaustion. I had 3 conversions over the next three months and was started on Flecinaide after a stress test the end of January 2016.  For me I converted to  NSR on the last conversion after the Flecinaide and I have been fortunate to stay in NSR to this day.  I had to quit the Flecinaide a year ago due to side effects and I started on CPAP for sleep apnea in June 2016 which I think has played a major role in my staying in NSR.   Best of luck to you. 

    May we all have NSR 


    (MyAfibExperience Community Leader) 

  • Littlemerlyn
    Littlemerlyn, May 13,  2018  8:19pm EST

    Hi brand thank you accepting me I hope to get know everyone hugs to all

  • Spencer
    Spencer, May 13,  2018  8:33pm EST

    Littlemerlyn - Doing OK.  But I guess a better question is how are you doing?  I didn't know you full back story and it sounds a lot more serious that mine.  I know that as my AFib grew in severity, I became exhausted all the time.  Even now, with being in NSR, I am exhausted all the time.  I climb a flight of stairs and my HR zooms to the 160's or higher.  I get dizzy all the time.  I think it is the heart just damaged after three ablations in six months.  The pix is a 20 min slow walk with Thor around the neighborhood.  Totally flat and a 20:00/mile pace.  

    So what are you going to do with the AFib?

  • Jeanamo815
    Jeanamo815, May 14,  2018  12:38pm EST

    Just wanted to welcome you to this forum, Littlemerlyn, and hope you are finding helpful information and support in this group.  Many of us suffer from exhaustion....either from the a-fib or from the medications we need to treat it.  I hope you are seeing an experienced electrophysiologist to guide you through this "A-Fib Journey" that those of us in this community are traveling. You  will find that a-fib affects each individual differently...and our responses to medicines and procedures can differ as well.  I hope that you will continue to visit this forum and let us know how you are doing.

    Wishing you the best,


    (My A-Fib Experience Community Leader

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