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Edhammer, March 12,  2020  6:27am EST

Constant afib for two months, back to sinus rhythm.

I have been in constant afib for at least two months. I believe it was influenced by prednisone. Had been to ER several times. No relief. Max dosage dilatizrem.

This morning I did my Kardia and lo and behold it said I was in sinus rhythm , no atrial fib.  Has anyone else had this kind of spontaneous change?????

3 Replies
  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, March 13,  2020  11:31am EST

    A day later and still in rhythm. Heart rate varies from 48-55. BP is low to normal.

    got a call into my EP

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, March 14,  2020  9:53am EST

    This is pretty remarkable from what I've seen on this forum. FWIW, my paroxysmal afib sometimes went on for more than 24 hrs then just stopped - I wondered what stopped them just like we obsess about triggers that start afib. I'm now on anti arrhythmic drugs with added pill in pocket for breakthroughs so hopefully I won't be able to further explore NSR triggers. 

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, March 14,  2020  10:21am EST

    That's what I thought. Before my ablation I would be in afib for awhile until I either converted in my own or with drugs. My afib ffirb the last several months I believe was prednisone induced. I have been tapering off, but the conversion didn't relate to any reduction in the dosage.

    Thars why I'm asking here.

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