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jameskelly, October 15,  2020  9:37am EST

Cardio Version or Ablation

Hello all:

I'm new to this forum. My dilema is that I contracted Afib in Feb 2019 from Sleep Apnia. I underwent Cardio Version, and have since lost 40 lbs, and pressure and LDL are good. I felt great! 8 months go by, Afib returns for an unknown reason. Cardio Version once again. Feeling good again. This past Aug, it returned the day before I moved to Tampa Fla. My new Doc suggests I have a Cryoballoon Ablation. I feel that another CV will only be temporary. Any thoughts? Im a little nervous about this procedure. 



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  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, October 16,  2020  8:55am EST

    Jameskelly, welcome to the forum!  IMHO, having an ablation as your next step in your journey with AFib is a good idea.  I assume you are seeing an electrophysiologist who has done hundreds of successful ablations.  I have had ablations and never found them very difficult--generally, you go in the hospital on one day and are discharged the next.  As many have said here, an ablation is the closest thing to a "cure" for AFib that you can get.  Please let us know how things go!  

    BTW, congratulations on losing weight!  How is your sleep apnea going?  I don't think you can get AFib from sleep apnea -- generally speaking, none of us here (including me and my husband) have any idea why we got AFib.  All the best,

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Mcs1025
    Mcs1025, October 16,  2020  11:38pm EST

    Hi there.   I also learned from my cardiologist at Mount Sinai in NY about sleep apnea and it's connection to AFib.   It's definitely an underlying cause in some.   

  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, October 17,  2020  7:56am EST

    Thanks to all for the support. My sleep apnia was mild, and did not require CPAP, or meds. However, it did cause Afib. Ihave an appt with a new Doc next week to discuss Ablation. I guess I have no choice. 



  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, October 18,  2020  9:05am EST

    Just curious - why are your docs not suggesting use of anti arrhythmia drugs like flecanide? It seems common practice to try drugs first.  I've been on them for about a year and will likely try ablation if they quit working. 

  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, October 19,  2020  12:40pm EST


    It was suggested I try Multaq. There are two reasons why Im hesitant: 

    1. Ive heard about side effects with Multaq. To be honest, I really do not want to take another drug. 

    2. Its $175 per month! Xarelto is already costing me $125 a mo. 


    I guess if I decide to have the Ablation, I wont have to take any more drugs I think. 

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, October 20,  2020  8:03am EST


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