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grandscheme, May 2,  2021  11:51am EST

Breakthrough Afib on dofetilide/Tikosyn

Good morning all! Hope those of you who want to be vaxxed have been. I'm thrilled at being five weeks past Dose 2.

Very specific quuestion: Has anyone who has experienced longterm good results on dofetilide/tikosyn had "breakthrough" Afib, that then resolved? I know that for some people this class did not work at all.

But my narrow question is did anyone have a breakthrough, then continue to have overall success going forward? 

Tihis terrifically useful (for me) drug got me through 14 months of the pandemic with just a couple of very very brief episodes. NOW, as we re-emerge (and there is a flurry of activity in my life -- one on one and done safely, but lots of social interaction with vaccinated family and friends) I am feeling a different kind of stress that I think put me into Afib for 24 hours.

It just let up a few minutes ago.

My track record with this abomination of Afib points to stress as the main trigger, and I'd welcome anyone else's experience:

On it, it works, then a breakthrough episode, then it works again for a lengthy time?? Thank you! I do not like to think it is losing its effectiveness.

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  • Patio7
    Patio7, May 2,  2021  3:42pm EST

    I have had good success with Tikosyn.  However a few hours after my second Pfiser vaccine shot I went into afib. It lasted a very long five days. Just as my electro cardioversion was being scheduled I converted on my own. Hooray!  That was early March, two months ago, and I have had no issues since. My EP and I believe Tikosyn is still a very successful option for me.BTW I have both afib and aflutter.  🤞 good luck.

  • Thumper2
    Thumper2, May 4,  2021  8:45am EST

    My husband is on Tikosyn and has been for some years -- he has what's called "managed Afib."  Neither of us had any AFib issues from getting our Pfizer vaccinations.

    Thumper2 (Judy)

  • Elise
    Elise, May 5,  2021  8:37am EST

    I started Tikosyn in December 2017. I was in NSR with no breakthrough AFib for 14 months. I began having tachycardia and AFib in late February 2019 and was in and out of AFib for 2 months. I started taking metoprolol and gradually increased my dose to 25mg twice a day. I had cardioversions scheduled twice but spontaneously converted the morning of both times. In late April 2019 I had a cardiac PET scan. During the scan my heart rate was in the 150s and I was in full blown AFib. An hour later I again spontaneously converted to NSR and I've been in NSR ever since -- two full years now. I was able to decrease my metoprolol to 12.5mg daily.

    So yes, I had complete success with Tikosyn for a year, failure for two months, and complete success again for two years. Fingers crossed that Tikosyn and a small dose of metoprolol keep me in NSR henceforth.


    I've had both my Pfizer shots with no AFib and no perceptible reaction.

  • grandscheme
    grandscheme, May 11,  2021  9:23pm EST

    Thank you so much for the replies, and apologies for being tardy in replying to you.

    I had no worries about vaccine causing a breakthrough; I'm just happy to hear that some people had a rough patch for whatever reason and got back on track. Great news.

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