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Mcs1025, October 13,  2020  10:15pm EST

Blood Thinner or No Blood Thinner

Hello.  I am a newly diagnosed AFib patient.   I'm a 52 woman and my only health issue prior to the AFib diagnosis is hypertension that has been controlled by medication for years.   My beta blocker keeps my heart rate low, even when in active AFib.   My cardiologist and my EP are of differing views on whether I should take a blood thinner to decrease risk the stroke.   Specially Eliquis.    Is a blood thinner a must ?

5 Replies
  • jameskelly
    jameskelly, October 15,  2020  6:44pm EST

    I would change Doctors!! Blood thinners eliminate the risk of stroke. I am on Xarelto for a year, and no side effects. Good luck.

  • Mcs1025
    Mcs1025, October 16,  2020  11:35pm EST

    Thanks JamesKelly!   I did indeed go to a new doctor and I'm good to go.  Started Eliquis today ! 

  • frankangelo
    frankangelo, October 17,  2020  3:18am EST

    The decision to prescribe an anticoagulant is based on your Chadvasc score. Based on the information you gave I believe your score is 1. With the score of 1 you can go either way take a blood thinner or not. My score is also one and I have chosen to take Eliquis which I have been doing for the past year-and-a-half. It is a small pill and for me has had no side effects whatsoever. A stroke is a big deal and I'd rather be safe than sorry. Good luck to you.

  • Brianog
    Brianog, October 19,  2020  11:49am EST

    This is worth reading.  Because you are female your Chads Vasc score is increased my 1 and with hypertension your score is then 2.   According to general practice you should be on blood thinners. However recently the idea that being female increases your risk enough to add another point has been debated with different doctors coming down on different sides.  I'm guessing that's the reason both are disagreeing.



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