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depotdoug, February 26,  2020  7:49pm EST

Blood pressure monitor the best accurate and mobile machine

I've got an IHealth pretty accurate machine.

ive got to use it twice daily for my high blood pressure monitoring. Yeh, random BP measurements at home or travelling. 
Which type BP monitor measurement machine does everybody like best??

I'm up for a new one to tracks on my iPhone too. 

8 Replies
  • rfedd
    rfedd, February 27,  2020  12:19am EST

    I have an Omron. I take it in to my local clinic about every 6 month. Then do a test fusing the clinic's unit and my home unit to make sure the calibrations are good. No issues in 18 months now.

  • Myrna
    Myrna, February 27,  2020  1:54am EST
    I like Lifesource, don't know if it has anything fancy but will always show if I'm in Afib on one reading with my blood pressure. Also have a Bios one but it takes 3 readings to show if I'm in Afib.
  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 27,  2020  4:50am EST

    Myrna, interesting I did not know a BP monitor could read AFIB Rhythms. 
    Is it both BP and EKG capatible?


  • Myrna
    Myrna, February 27,  2020  9:37am EST
    It's basically a blood pressure monitor, not EKG capable as far as I know but it does show Afib, also if there's movement when doing the reading. It's pretty accurate on detecting the Afib, sometimes one can double check with an extra reading to make sure it's not detecting some body movement. When I first got one years ago, it said it used " fuzzy logic" which I think it meant some kind of averaging or internal motion/turbidity detecting, who knows?Works for me tho , I wouldn't know how to read an EKG anyways.
  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, February 27,  2020  12:49pm EST

    I havee an Omron two-piece machine: worked great, and would indicate whether the rhythm was irregular along with measuring the BP. But it was old enough that the Bluetooth connection to the Omron app on my iPhone quit working for some reason. Now I am using the Omron Evolv one-piece unit - a cuff with a little black box attached that Bluetooths to my phone. Unlike the old unit, it pretty much assumes you are using it with a phone because its display apparently can only show the last measurement. It is very convenient and works pretty well, except if I am having an afib episode, it seems to get confused and reports "Error please remeasure".


  • john1818
    john1818, February 27,  2020  12:55pm EST

    I also use an OMRON BP786N for blood pressure along with an AliveCore smartphone EKG device for AFIB recordings. What's nice is not only do both devices take readings but data can be downloaded for reports.I download a monthly report that shows graphs of blood pressure and AFIB that I can provide to the doctors..

  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, February 27,  2020  1:05pm EST


    Looks like the OMRON BP786N is the way to go. I too use my KARDIA EKG plate and my super Apple S4 watch EKG function.  I wil llook up more details on the OMRON BP machine later today. THanks everybody for sending me there BP go to measurement device knowledge.


  • Patio7
    Patio7, February 27,  2020  5:48pm EST

    I have had a couple OMRON BP devices, and now the new one piece with blue tooth. Works fine for BP but regularly says irregular heart beat when I simply have Ectopics, as my kardia did, too frequently.  So far the best to track my Aflutter or Afib is my apple 4 watch. Do wish it could read BP as well.  Someday, I am sure.

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