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Izzy1, August 5,  2019  1:32pm EST

blanking period

My EP has actually never mentioned this, other than to say it may "take some time", Because I researched here and esewhere, I sort of know what to expect. However, today I am having the worst shortness of breath I have ever had,and some pounding type arrythmias. I would appreciate it if you all would tell me about your blanking periods.

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  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, August 5,  2019  2:11pm EST

    I had two episodes in the two eeeks following my ablation. One was just a few minutes. The other one lasted 14 minutes. The second lasted from 8:30pm to at least 1:30 am. I fell asleep at around 1:30 and when I woke it was 4:30am and my rate was down to 56bpm.

  • Izzy1
    Izzy1, August 5,  2019  2:19pm EST

    I have a loop recorder and was finally able to reach the pacer clinic. I have been back in afib for 2 hours. Never felt so breathless with it before.

  • robotraccoon
    robotraccoon, August 6,  2019  9:08am EST

    I had runs of PAC ectopic beats after my ablations. Never a episode of afib, though.

  • arigatou
    arigatou, August 15,  2019  1:02am EST

    Hi, I started Afib in 2015, had Catherer ablation and have a pacemaker implant in 2016. I was able to discontinue taking Metropolal shortly after the pacemaker since I wasn't having much episode for 2 years. May of this year, I had a pretty bad episode with lighthead, shortness of breath and felt uncomfortable for about whole day. I transmitted my pacemaker reading to the Cardiologist while I was still having Afib. Dr. put me on Metropolal 50mg, 2times a day. I have had episode almost weekly now, usually for a few hours. Dr. increased the meds to 75 mg, 2times a day, told me to stop all caffein, alcohol drinks.  I am also getting fatigued and have shortness of breath I didn't have at the onset of Afib 4  years ago. My life style hasn't changed much so I don't understand why it's getting worse. I am 71 years old and fairly active exercising and walking everyday.

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