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JudyKol, May 22,  2020  3:36pm EST

Best Cpap machine


Just wondering what cpap machines people would recommend, for easiness to travel and wear. It looks like i may have mixed sleep apnea. Just waiting for confimation. Thanks

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  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, May 23,  2020  7:54am EST

    I have a ResMed Air Sense 10. Very compact and easy to use. Came with a well-designed travel case that is also compact and looks good. I've seen other people with them in the airport. The full face style mask works well for me -- this is a very personal comfort issue so don't hesitate to try a different type. 

  • GrandpaG
    GrandpaG, May 24,  2020  10:38am EST

    I flu from the US to Prague last year, rented a car, and toured five easrern European countries.  I use a Res Med BIPAP machine that requires distilled water for the humidifier.  In the US distilled water is found in supermarkets.  Just a tip.  If you can’t find distilled water over there in supermarkets try gas stations as it is also used in car batteries.  Grandpa G.

  • mamazipp
    mamazipp, June 3,  2020  5:54am EST

    I have a ResMed Airsense 10 ForHer.  It is the best machine for uncomplicated sleep apnea.  I looked into travel sized machines for easier toting on trips but they are reportedly noisy so I'll stay with this one.  Probably won't be doing much flying anyway, any time soon.  I don't need distilled water where I live, I do clean the humidifier chamber regularly with vinegar/ water mix.  When traveling  I'd use bottled water.  You can always clean out any mineral deposits that form when distilled water isn't available in hard water areas.

  • DkinAA
    DkinAA, June 4,  2020  12:07pm EST

    I agree with mamazipp that distilled water isn't essential. I use it when available, but I found that i can use tap water just fine if I make sure the reservoir doesn't run dry during the night, and then in the morning I give it a quick rinse and let it drip-dry, then there is no problem with any mineral build-up. Our tap water is somewhat hard, but of course, yours might be worse, and the vinegar rinse would help.

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