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Democruhcy, August 11,  2019  12:39am EST

Balloon Cryoablation For Afib

I’m new to AFib. I was diagnosed May 4, 2019. Life changing! I never had any episodes or experienced symptoms for AFib. I’m a 47 year old male and when diagnosed, weighed 297 Lbs, not controlling my Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure! Since then I lost 40 Lbs, controlled my diabetes and my blood pressure. The triple crown to AFib. Let’s get to the meat. I had a Cardioversion June 4th. It worked until July 4th. Ended sinus rythm with a BANG! Saw my cardiologist and discussed options. I knew next the step in the process would be an Ablation. I set up an appointment with an EP. We had a consultation and I signed up! The procedure went down yesterday August 9th. It was successful. I didn’t feel any pain but my tail bone and rear end from laying flat for 12 hours so the Femoral veins could heal. I’m home now and resting. I’m taking a week off from work to reset and heal. I wanted share this experience with new AFib friends. It’s an individual condition that has many combos of solutions. It’s a journey and I’m ok and learning that it’s with you. I’m hoping the blanking period goes well and I’m ready to fight back if I go back into AFib! Oh and I’m still on a path to lose more weight! Thanks for reading! 

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  • depotdoug
    depotdoug, August 11,  2019  2:02am EST

    Way to go Demochruchy! 

    Youre on the right absolutely right track. Exercising when you can and weight loss go hand in hand . You can hopefully keep AFIB at bay away. Good luck.


  • Democruhcy
    Democruhcy, August 11,  2019  3:09am EST

    Thanks Depotdoug!

    I’m stoked to of found this support group/forum!

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, August 11,  2019  6:15am EST

    Good for you! This condition has many twists and turns. I had an ablation about 15 months ago. My EP cut me loose a couple of weeks ago saying I didn’t need him any more. But with “Don’t get too cocky! Call me if you need me..”

    stay vigilant.


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