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Edhammer, March 17,  2020  10:54pm EST

Back in rhythm!

Well, after 6 months of afib with no relief, I'm back in sinus rhythm with only minor hiccups. Last night I ended up in the ER as my heart rate got down to 39. Cardiologist told me to suspend my dilatalizrm and metropol. Heart rate slowly increased. At 54, ER cut me loose and said to follow up with cardiologist. My EP has been informed but doesn't seem to want to engage.

bottomline, I think things are smoothing out. I'm optimistic that things are continuing to be positive.

lots of questions as to why I spontaneously converted, why the prednisone continues to effect, etc.

4 Replies
  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 18,  2020  6:10am EST

    Do what brings you back to NSR.  Don't matter the why?  Congrats on NSR>

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, March 18,  2020  1:30pm EST


    You're right. I'm pretty happy to back in rhythm. The six months of persistent constant afib was unpleasant, though not unbearable.

    it just seemed odd that I bounced back into NSR with no work. Wondering why is part of the human condition.

    its nice to be back on this forum.

  • Spencer
    Spencer, March 18,  2020  2:52pm EST

    Glad you are doing good.  NSR is a good place to be.

  • Edhammer
    Edhammer, March 18,  2020  9:05pm EST

    I may be able to work with the arrhythmia alliance in the U.K......once we work thru the virus.

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